Reasons To Get Lipo

Reasons To Get Lipo

Liposuction is one of the more popular cosmetic surgeries out there. It’s a procedure that helps you reshape your body by effectively removing stubborn fat that can be difficult to get rid of even with exercise and diet. It’s usually done on your stomach, buttocks, neck/chin, and thighs.

This procedure is a fat removal surgery and it helps you get rid of stubborn and unwanted fat from specific areas. The fat is sucked out by a tube hence the term liposuction. It helps you achieve the desired shape and better definition in troublesome areas.

Typically, the most targeted areas are the parts of the body where it can be difficult to get rid of fat including the thighs, buttocks, stomach, neck, breast area, and more.

What it isn’t is a weight loss substitute. It’s typically best when performed on someone that isn’t overweight and where the skin is both elastic and firm.

What Does The Procedure Involve?

Liposuction is a surgery that takes one or two hours at most. It’s typically done under either local or general anesthetic. The total duration of the surgery ultimately depends on how much fat you are aiming to remove and what areas are having fat sucked out.

To start, a small incision is made to the area designated for treatment. From there, a very thin plastic tube is inserted and it will be there to loosen the fat. Towards the opposite end of the plastic tube will be a high-pressure vacuum. This vacuum is designed to remove unwanted fat deposits quickly from underneath your skin.

Different techniques can be used for this procedure. They could opt for a wet technique which is where they inject solutions into the designated area. Or, they could opt for the dry technique which doesn’t require this. They could also go for an ultrasound-assisted method where they use ultrasound waves to disrupt the fat cells to make them even easier to suck out.

The surgeon can do this same procedure in various areas of your body during the same visit.

Once the unwanted fat cells are removed, the incision is then stitched up and bandaged.

What Are Some Benefits Of Getting Liposuction? 

1. Firmer physique. 

2. Being able to wear better-fitting clothing.

3. Get rid of small pockets of stubborn fat for those that have already lost weight.

4. Getting rid of fat permanently.

5. Treating gynecomastia or enlarged male breasts.

6. Get rid of excessive sweating.

7. Helps treat Lipodystrohpy syndrome.

8. Remove benign fatty tumors known as lipomas.

How Much Is It?

Liposuction costs in Los Angeles are generally going to vary based on the total amount of fat being removed. The desired treatment area is another thing that can dictate the price as well as the total number of areas being targeted during surgery.

Once you have a consultation, you can discuss your liposuction treatment and they will give you a detailed guide on how much it’s going to cost. The package price they provide is generally going to provide you with detailed information on what you need for your liposuction and how much everything is going to cost. This includes the follow-up consultation and any outpatient care you’d need after surgery.

What Happens After Surgery?

This is going to vary based on what you had removed, how much you had removed, and where you had it removed. In most cases, you will go home after surgery. If not, you will stay overnight at the hospital.

You will have secure bandages placed on all of the treated areas to minimize swelling and encourage your new shape. The surgeon will inform you of all of this and they will discuss how long you should wear them.

Any treated area is expected to be bruised, but it will fade. It’s a relatively quick healing procedure so you should be able to go to work in a couple of days or so if you’ve only had a little bit of fat removed. If you have had a lot removed, it may take several weeks for you to get back up on your feet and feel normal.

You don’t want to return to exercise too soon. Try to wait for a good 3 to 4 weeks before doing this. It’s best to avoid any strenuous activity for up to 12 weeks.

You can start driving again once you are comfortable enough to wear your seatbelt. You should be able to notice your final results around the 6 to 12-month mark once all of the swellings have subsided.

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