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What to Expect When You Stay in Tasmania

Booking a hotel room is always a nervous time – is it in the right location? Is the neighbourhood respectable? Will it be a good base? Is the hotel itself a good one? Will it have all the right amenities? These are just some of the questions likely swimming around your mind as you research different hotels. You need to Book A Hotel Room but worry that, for one reason or another, you will end up with the wrong hotel.

The first thing to note about Tasmania is that it’s a stunning island, and many people will say that all Australians should visit it at one point in their lives. With 18 national parks and around 2,000km of walking trails, it’s particularly ideal for those who want to reconnect with nature. Interestingly, close to one-fifth of the island is considered a world heritage area. Therefore, there are lots of stories on the island and you can explore them all on a trip.

When staying in Tasmania, you should expect lots of memorable experiences, picturesque views, amazing food markets, accessibility, and more. Remember, there are no passenger train services on the island, so you need to choose a hotel in a good location, rely on the bus network, or hire a vehicle. If you choose the latter, be careful on the roads because wildlife often likes to go on adventures. As well as the classic Tasmanian devil, you could also come across pademelons, possums, and echidnas.

Since it’s the capital and a thriving hub, you’re probably thinking of visiting Hobart, and this is a solid choice for your first trip. Although only a small city, there’s something to explore for people of all tastes. Some will enjoy walking the trails on Mount Wellington while others like to walk along the waterfront with delicious food. Hobart also offers lots of museums and cultural experiences (alongside some of the best luxury hotels in the country).

Short Walk to the CBD

In such a small city, you’re never far from the action. If you hire a vehicle, you can access the main CBD in quick time wherever you’re based. The popular MACq01 hotel is located close to the CBD, but even hotels further away are close enough to be worthwhile. If you can’t or don’t want to hire a vehicle and drive around Hobart, MACq01 is one of the best luxury hotels that you’ll find. Based on the river, you’ll have stunning views from your window and everything you need within a short walk or bus ride.

When choosing a hotel like MACq01, you’re close to everything you’re likely to need. For example, this includes Farm Gate Market, the waterfront, Salamanca Market, Constitution Dock, Franklin Square, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, and Pennicott Wilderness Journeys. The last suggestion is important if you want to enjoy a boat tour of the city.

Choosing a Hotel

How do you choose a hotel when the choice is often so vast? The following advice applies to any location in the world:

  • Think about the location – is it close enough to everything you need during your stay?
  • Read online reviews – the internet is a wonderful place, and you will find both reviews and suggestions online.
  • Book early – enjoy a wide range of choices rather than feeling restricted and having to settle for something less than you originally wanted.
  • Compare the market – as well as comparing the prices, compare the services and experiences on offer too.

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