A Quick Guide to Proper Treadmill Maintenance

Fitness equipment repair services

Did you know that about 53% of treadmill users are high-motivated to train and workout? 

Every year, more and more people purchase at-home gym equipment; treadmills are one of the most popular. While many people own them, not everyone knows how to maintain their treadmill. 

Proper care is necessary to ensure your equipment stays good and lasts a long time. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about new treadmill maintenance, whether it’s new or old. 

Set On A Level Surface

It’s crucial to set up your treadmill on a level surface. An even surface won’t put as much stress on the belt.

The belt is the portion of the machine that you run or walk on. It’s the material that the motor rotates around the base. 

The belt will have a lot more wear and tear, and you’ll have to spend a lot of money repairing it. It can make it dangerous for you to use as well.  


Lubricating the belt is an important step. Your treadmill will come with detailed instructions, but it’s recommended that you do this at least once a year. However, it’s ideal if you lubricate it four times a year. 

The more you do use it, the more frequently you’ll need to do more maintenance. The lubrication will keep it running smoothly. 

Wipe It Down

Every time you use your treadmill, you should wipe it down. Your sweat can cause your machine to rust. It doesn’t take much time to wipe it down after you’re finished with your workout. 

If you have pets, you’ll need to vacuum occasionally as well. Animal hair can build up in and around your machine.

It’s not necessary to vacuum every day, once a week or every two weeks will be sufficient. Be sure to check frequently for tears on the belt; if you notice any, you’ll need to have it repaired or possibly replaced.

Schedule Servicing 

One of the best things you can do to keep your workout equipment in good shape is to invest in treadmill care by a professional. You may only consider calling a treadmill maintenance company when your machine starts making an unusual noise or stops working, but preventative maintenance will ensure you save a lot of money on repairs.

Fitness equipment repair services are in place, so you don’t have to deal with a broken treadmill. A pro will be able to identify issues before they become bigger and more expensive issues. 

Treadmill Maintenance

It may seem like a chore to maintain your treadmill, but you will benefit from it in the long run. Your equipment will last longer, and your home gym will be cleaner if you invest in regular treadmill maintenance and services. 

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