An Ultimate Guide To Make TikTok Food Recipe Videos

TikTok Food Recipe Videos

TikTok food-making videos are addictive to watch for the audience. You can see the transformation process from raw material procurement to finished food. If you make a TikTok video with a great recipe, you get guaranteed a million views. Food videos are that much popular and engaging among audiences. TikTok allows users to create short videos for a time duration of about 15 seconds. So, food TikTok creators should use the time duration and make interesting recipe videos to drive engagement. Even they can include fun effects and filters for their cooking video recipes. Moreover, if you want to maximize your popularity instantly, you can opt to buy tiktok likes and reach your target audience. 

This article lets us learn a step-by-step guide on making a fantastic TikTok food recipe. Let’s get started!

Steps To Create TikTok Food Recipe Video

1. Pick A Recipe

The selection of food recipes is the key to making your food TikTok video a success. Keep in mind your final dish should ultimately excite people. So, first, know your audience and identify the cuisines they are interested in watching. Next, you can check the previous statistics to learn about the trending food videos. 

Make sure your recipe should trigger the audience to try it at their home. Do not choose a regular food recipe for your videos, as tons of videos are already available on TikTok. For example, create videos on recipes like fried ice cream, veg platters, fusion recipes, etc. If it is your first-time food video creation, start with a recipe with fewer steps. If you are new to cooking, TikTok is the gateway to experiment. 

2. Consider Your Video Length

Recently, TikTok introduced a 10-minute video limit, where you can experiment with more lengthy food videos. However, food TikTokers use this opportunity and post a meals video. To get more ideas on cooking videos, type the #cooking and search on the explore tab. Your TikTok will flourish with cooking videos, and you can see many TikTokers bringing you into their kitchens. In addition, you can buy tiktok fans and can acquire more reach.

3. Pick Your Theme And Temper

The theme and temper differ from each TikTokers. Some create vibrant and loud videos, whereas some perform with a calm and smooth voice. It is also based on the audience. If your audience wants an energetic, entertaining video, then follow the same tone for your videos. First, you can try your original voice and style and experiment with different voices. Ensure you make pauses and exclamations in the right place. 

Moreover, it is essential to take care of your physique actions. Your hand movements, your expressions while cooking, all that matter is your reach on TikTok. As you select your temper, it will be easy for you to choose background music. When you voiceover for specific videos, add pleasant background music. In addition, you have to maintain a consistent theme for all your videos. So, within the first 3 seconds of your video, your audience will identify you quickly with your style and hit a like to your video.  

4. Select Your Audio

There are tons of audio available in the TikTok library. When it comes to audio, always keep it mild and pleasant. For cooking videos, you can opt for three options as follows, 

  • Music- You can choose a tone that fits your theme
  • Automatic sensory meridian response (ASMR) is quite an exciting option; if you fry in the pan or sizzle in the pan, the added sound will be the same as those actions. TikTokers are using sounds for liquid splashing, sizzling, scorching, etc. All these sounds will add authenticity to your videos. Here the audience can feel the cooking procedure as they view it with their eyes.
  • Voiceover- It is a traditional way of creating cooking videos. While cooking, you can add a voiceover for every step. Explain each process clearly and maintain a loud and bold voice in your videos. 

Whatever your cooking videos are, you need to record them with a transparent and noiseless background. So that audience will feel intrigued by watching your videos. It is better to avoid the noise of mixie, deep-frying, chopping, and tossing noise.  

5. Film The Most Exciting Part Of Each Step

The time for video creation in TikTok is significantly less. So try to make as eye-catching videos as possible. For instance, If you are cutting vegetables, film it as a slow-motion shot or show the whole vegetable first and suddenly show it as a chopped one. Creating a shortlist of what you plan to show in your video is better. The best trick to increase the engagement rate of your videos is to put a shot of your final dish at the beginning of the video. 


Once you are ready with the above points, don’t delay your posting. Now head on to TikTok and post your videos with perfect hashtags and captions. Moreover, if you are looking for more engagement for your cooking videos, you can opt to buy tiktok views that uplift your exposure. We hope you enjoy reading this article. Write your comments below!

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