Imaginative Party Balloon Decoration Ideas Without Helium

Balloon Decoration Ideas Without Helium

Who doesn’t love a good party? What’s the point of going to a party if you can’t have fun and just let loose? A party isn’t much of a party without music, dancing, laughter, food, drinks, friends, and of course… balloons! Balloons are the perfect accessory for any party. They add color and bring some whimsy to the festivities. But what about that awkward moment when you realize your helium tank is empty and you can’t inflate those boring old balloons anymore. So what do we do now? There is no need to panic because there are plenty of creative ways to make your next party even more memorable with balloon decoration ideas without helium. Whether it be an adult or child-friendly gathering, here are 15 imaginative ideas that will help you get those balloons out in style!

Basics of Party Decorations

  • Balloons – Balloons are one of the most recognizable decorations at any party. They are cheap, easy to find, and come in a variety of colors and themes. If you are hosting a kid’s party, then it is best to go with bright, colorful balloons. If you are hosting an adult party, it is best to go with black or silver balloons.
  • Bunting – Bunting is a creative way to decorate the walls of any room at your party. You can make this out of fabric, paper, or even cardboard. This is a great idea for parties that are outdoors or in a large room.
  • Door Decorations – You can decorate the front door or other entrances at your party with streamers, balloons, or other types of decorations. This will add color to the area and make your guests feel more welcome when they arrive.
  • Centerpieces – Centerpieces are popular at weddings and special events. You can also use them at your next party too. There are plenty of different types of centerpieces that you can make.
  • Party Tableware – You can spruce up your party table with decorative tableware. This can include anything from plates, cups, napkins, and other types of tableware.
Balloon Decoration Ideas Without Helium

Balloon Decoration Ideas Without Helium: The Basics

  • Balloon Bouquets – If you are having a party that is more on the elegant side, then you can make balloon bouquets out of shiny, silver balloons. You can also add flowers or other types of greenery to them for a more colorful effect.
  • Balloon Wall – You can make a balloon wall out of large, colorful balloons. This can work well for both kids’ and adult parties. Simply make a frame out of cardboard, and then cover it with the balloons. Hang it up on the wall and you have an instant party decoration!
  • Balloon Chandelier – This is another one that can be used for both adult and kids’ parties. Simply take a large, round balloon and tie it off at the bottom. Then, tie it to a string, and use a small rod or stick to suspend it.
  • Balloon Archway – If you are having a party that is outdoors, then you can make a balloon archway out of balloons. Simply string a line of balloons along a fence, tree branch, or other structure to create a path for your guests to walk through.

Cardboard Tube Decorations

  • Cardboard Tube Balloons – You can make an instant balloon bouquet out of a cardboard tube and some tissue paper. Simply wrap the tissue paper around the cardboard tube, and then inflate a small balloon and place it inside. You can make another one by wrapping tissue paper around the other end, and then filling it with confetti. This is a great decoration for kids parties as well.
  • Cardboard Tube Swag – You can also make a swag out of a cardboard tube. Simply cut a piece of fabric that is about 4 times the length of your cardboard tube. Wrap the fabric around the tube, and then tie the ends together to secure it. You can also trim the ends and use it as a tablecloth by tucking the ends under the table.

Fabric Wrapped Balloon Decorations

  • Fabric Wrapped Balloons – If you want to add a bit of color to your party, then you can wrap a few small balloons in a bright piece of fabric. This works great on walls, doors, or as table centerpieces.
  • Fabric Wrapped Streamers – You can also wrap fabric around a long streamer to make a pop of color at your party. This works well for both children and adult parties.
  • Fabric Wrapped Party Horns – If you are hosting a kid’s party, then you can wrap fabric around party horns to make them more colorful. This works well as a decoration, or you can use them to signal when it is time to eat.

Foam Ball Decorations

  • Foam Ball Flowers – You can make a bouquet of flowers out of foam balls for a pop of color at your party. Simply wrap the foam balls around a stem or create some of your own using pipe cleaners, and then place them in a vase. This is a great decoration for kids’ parties.
  • Foam Ball Letter Art – You can also make letter art out of foam balls. Simply write the letters of your party’s theme on construction paper, and then stick the foam balls onto the letters to create art. This makes a great wall decoration, and you can change it for different parties.

Streamer Ball Decorations

  • Streamer Ball Flowers – You can make a pop of color at your party by making flowers out of streamers. Simply wrap the streamers around a Styrofoam ball or foil ball, and then glue them to a vase. You can also use a bucket as a container for this decoration.
  • Streamer Ball Tablecloth – You can also use streamers as a tablecloth. Simply cut the streamers to the size you want, and then crumple them up to give them some texture. Tuck the ends under the table, and then spread them out to cover the top.

Shaped Balloon Decorations

  • Shaped Balloons – You can make a shaped balloon out of a balloon, paper, and scissors. Simply cut the paper into the shape you want and then wrap it around the balloon. You can use a variety of colors and patterns to make your shaped balloons.
  • Shaped Party Horns – You can also make party horns out of balloons. Simply blow up a balloon, and then cut the end off. Wrap some paper around the opening to make a wrapper, and then twist the balloon to make a horn.

Confetti Ball Decorations

  • Confetti Ball Flowers – You can use a large, round balloon to make a flower out of confetti. Simply inflate the balloon, and then put the confetti inside. You can add this to your table for decoration or attach it to a wall with tacks.
  • Confetti Ball Wall – You can also make a wall out of confetti. Simply open up a large bag of confetti and pour it onto a large piece of cardboard. Make sure you do this in a place where you don’t mind getting messy!

Party Balloons are loved by all. They are a great way to decorate your party and make an impact. Whether you are throwing an adult party or a kids birthday party, there are many creative ways of Balloon Decoration Ideas Without Helium.

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