How To Practise Internet Detox In The Weekends

internet detox

Once in a while, we all wish to enjoy a simple life!

No, not the show, but a life with no internet connection or social media. Where we are constantly scrolling through social media, judging or being judged. A life without having to check our emails and finish pending work, even on our weekends.

This is why you should keep your weekends as a digital detox day!

A day where you simply do not need the internet. But, what else can you do? Is that what you are thinking?

Well, we are such creatures of the internet that we almost forget the times without the internet. The internet and digital world are fairly new. Before this, we had individuals working fine without it.

Yes, they had weekends without the internet, and it was not known as a digital detox but a normal day. So, how did they entertain themselves? Did they have anything to entertain themselves, or did they just collapse out of boredom?

Spoiler alert! They didn’t, so we are going to give you some of the best ways you can practice internet detox.

Practise Digital Detox

Digital detox is an entire day when you do not even put your wifi on. You simply do everything else but something over the internet.

1. Skin Care Routine

There could be nothing more relaxing than a skincare routine. Just play some downloaded playlist, and simply lay with some cucumbers on your eyes. Not only is it rejuvenating for your skin, but it is also excellent for your mental health.

For the best relaxation, and if you are scared of aging from all the stress, here are some of the best anti aging products you can use.

– A face wash.

– An exfoliator.

– A massaging cream to get the blood flow.

– A retinol or hyaluronic serum. Probably for anti-aging purposes.

– A Face pack.

– An eye cream.

2. Cooking Or Baking

If you have always wanted to cook delicious meals on your own and not make your weekends unhealthy takeout days, here is your chance. Since you are preventing yourself from using the internet, there are fewer chances of you using applications to order food.

Get your groceries early in the morning and cook or bake. Invest in some cookbooks, and do it the old way with written words. 

3. Movie Marathons

You can download all the movies from your favorite movie franchise throughout the week and then sit for an undisturbed movie marathon. Get your coke and popcorn ready, and you can even call upon some friends to enjoy it together. 

4. Read A Book

How many times have you complained that you do not get enough time to read the books you bought? This is because you waste hours scrolling through social media and binging endlessly on Netflix.

Get all cozied up under a comforter, light some candles on, and dive inside a book for hours. 

5. Spend Time In Nature

When you have ample time and nothing to do, it is time to get a closer and more mindful look at the outside world again. You do not have to do anything, just take a brisk walk in nature.

Get some sunlight or some fresh air. Look at some greenery. They are soothing for your eyes and your soul. Sit on a park bench and not scroll through your phone. 

Why This Digital Detox Is Important

Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for a digital detox at least once a week. If Saturday you have to go out with friends, use your lazy day, aka Sunday, to have a lazy laid back day without the internet.

– With a digital detox, you will be forced to get out and do things yourself rather than just taking the help of an online platform. For example, if you are craving some frappuccino, do not just order it. Why not go out and get some from the nearby cafe. This is your opportunity to take a brisk walk as well.

– This will help us to get rid of the constant FOMO taking a toll on your mental health. When you are staying away from social media, you are less concerned with what people are doing and more focused on yourself.

– You are consuming digital information mindfully, and not everything that is coming your way.

So, take control of your internet consumption!

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