Benefits of Playing the Piano: Why Should You Start Learning?


There are thousands of musical instruments that can speak to your soul. As such, picking an instrument is like choosing a new life for yourself. And one of the most soothing and productive instruments to play is the piano.

In today’s era, the electric piano dominates the market, which offers a tremendous musical range. You can play your jazz progressions and still feel comfortable. And apart from becoming a musical genius, playing the piano has various benefits. Even then, many New people refrain from playing it, mainly because it requires a lot of practice. Indeed, if you can overcome that, you will likely live a stress-free and blissful life.

Top 3 Benefits of Playing the Piano

Do you want to make music and release it on Spotify? Indeed, the New Zealand market witnessed a total of 46,000+ Spotify downloads only in July 2021.  It ensures that you have a huge market full of opportunities. Meanwhile, the commercial benefit is one thing, but pianists will vouch for the unique gifts they have received by playing. 

1.     It Helps Enhance Neuroplasticity

Playing the piano gives your brain the ability to reorganise the synaptic connections. Hence, it stabilises the neuroplasticity when responding to experiencing or learning musical notes.

With every note you learn to play, your brain will change its function as a stimulus. In short, if you play the electric piano or any acoustic piano, your brain will change positively. Each piece you churn out on the piano will add to your neutral connections, forming a new communicational pathway. Furthermore, when this happens, you can:

  • Improve your memory
  • Enhance your speech and language skills
  • Pay better attention
  • Facilitate better spatial and math skills

You can convey your emotions through music which will stimulate your brain. Moreover, if you start early, there will be structural brain development.

2.     It Helps Relieve Your Stress

Playing the piano and practising it will improve your mental health. Meanwhile, pianists talk about how they have experienced less anxiety every time they sit and play it.

The music that comes out of this instrument gives you the perfect soothing sensation. It de-stresses you by making you feel positive. You can even counter depression with every chord you play on the piano. Furthermore, a few minutes of playing can also improve your self-esteem. And by de-stressing you, the piano can inadvertently reduce your blood pressure levels.

3.     It Enhances Split Concentration

Playing the piano will help you hone your divided attention techniques. It helps solidify your split concentration and sharpen your existing skills.  Once you master the piano, you can use both your hands to play different chords simultaneously. You can even read music flawlessly. Furthermore, you can also adapt to specific difficulties in life that require optimal concentration.

As you grow older, your playing skills will improve, and you can understand the notes just by listening to them. Indeed, multitasking will come easy and improve your overall concentration skill.

Music has a unique way of seeping into our souls and enhancing our mood. It does not matter if you play the electric piano or the acoustic one. Both will have equal benefits for your mind, body, and soul.

It will help relieve your stress, solidify your split concentration power and help your brain with neuroplasticity. Indeed, the piano is an easy instrument to play if you spend hours of practice behind it. And who knows, maybe you can become the next musical genius!

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