Dentist in Perth – What Do They Offer?

Dentist in Perth

Do you face regular dental issues? Visiting a dentist in Perth might be the solution for you. There are several dental services available, depending on your requirements. There are about 58.7 dentists per 100,000 population in Australia. With a population of 2.1 million, Perth has around 112 dental clinics with orthodontists, prosthodontists, periodontists, and denture specialists.

Perth dentists provide you with impeccable dental services, and if they are unable to help you, they will refer you to specialists.

Dental Services in Perth

You get a variety of dental services in Perth. The below list will give you a glimpse of the dental care that is available in Perth:

General Dental Service

You can get general dental services like oral examination and general cleaning. A general dentist will ensure you don’t have cavities and suggest root canal treatments if you require them.

General dental services include fillings, brush biopsies, appliances to cure clenching/grinding, anti-snoring devices, and treatment for halitosis. Your general dentist will suggest a specialist should you need one. 

Orthodontist Services

Orthodontist services are recommended if you need any teeth or jaw realignment. Patients with crossbite, overbite, underbite and misaligned teeth will need an orthodontist to help fix their issues.

Orthodontists use tools like braces, retainers, headgear, palate expanders, clear aligners, fixed-space maintainers and more to help you improve your teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry services help you improve your self-esteem and self-confidence. Dental clinics get an opportunity to expand their clientele due to the popularity of cosmetic dentistry services. Plus, you get services like teeth whitening or teeth bleaching, dental veneers, dental implants, and much more.

Essentially, cosmetic dental services improve the outer appearance of your teeth by removing stains and discolouration, and it brightens your smile.

Prosthodontic Services

Prosthodontic dental services help you restore and replace any missing or damaged teeth. A prosthodontist essentially designs, manufactures, and fits artificial replacements if you have missing or damaged teeth.

These services include bridges, implants, reconstructive surgery, dentures and more. Prosthodontists help you restore the functionality and natural appearance of your teeth. A prosthodontic service can help you improve your bite and chewing habits, and ensure you have no gaps in your teeth.

Paediatric Dental Services

Paediatric dental services are specialised services for infants and children. These services include diagnostic and preventative dental care and other specialised services to upkeep children’s oral health.

Some of the services done by a paediatric dentist include routine teeth cleaning, monitoring children’s teeth and diagnosing oral conditions, cavity fillings, teaching the appropriate brushing techniques, and more. Paediatric dental services are tailor-made for children, and such clinics offer a kid-friendly environment.


Dentists in Perth are amicable and endeavour to give you the most comfortable treatment. So depending on what you need, they will provide you with the necessary dental service. Dental services include general dental services, cosmetic dental services, paediatric dental services, orthodontic dental services, and much more.

Each of the services is specialised and treat specific teeth problems like alignments, cleaning, gum issues, and other oral hygiene issues. When you consult a dentist in Perth, they will tell you which service you need to undergo to get the best care possible.

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