Best Home Workout Equipment for Older Adults


As we age most of us tend to pile on the pound. This is a very unfortunate part of the aging process. It has a lot to do with the fact that our muscle mass starts to degenerate over the years and the older we get, the faster we lose our muscles. However, it does not have to be this way, at all. Not when you can exercise your way to health and fitness even at an advanced age. The top priority here is to avoid machines that can create problems, such as high-impact machines. For example, the treadmill which puts a lot of pressure on the joints. Here is what you will need for a good workout at home without overexerting yourself:

  • The exercise ball: Ideal for your abs

Exercise balls are zero impact fitness helpers that enable you to exercise your core while working on your balance. An extra thick high stability exercise ball constructed of non-toxic and  non slip material can be a great fitness aid. There is no need to worry about the ball rolling away from under you, especially if you plant it against a pillar or a wall. You can inflate and deflate these balls as and when required. 

  • Elliptical machine: Full body workout

This is one of the best fitness machines you can use once you reach your 50s or even 40s. Since the EM doesn’t involve extensive wear and tear of the ligaments and joints you can exercise for hours without straining yourself. Its gentle rocking motion will give you a complete lower and upper body workout. If you buy a machine that offers a cycling option you will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds and exercise while you are sitting. 

  • Cycling machine: Keep the wheels churning 

Also known as an exercise cycle, this machine is a great way to lose weight without leaving the comfort of a sitting position.  For example, unlike a treadmill, you won’t have to force your feet to leave the floor but you can simply strap them onto the cycle’s paddles and maintain whatever speed is convenient for you. This way, you can increase or decrease the intensity of your workout without compromising on your joints. If you want that extra spurt of high-intensity training, you can always stand up while using the exercise

  • Rowing machine: Just like a rowboat

This is another low-impact exercise machine that will help you to tone your whole body while sitting down. It is based on the action of a rowing boat and it works primarily on the arms, while also working the legs. If you increase your speed and resistance levels, you can easily burn through the extra calories and tone up your whole body. 

  • A set of dumbbells and a rack: Build your muscles 

You don’t need to buy the heaviest weights around, but you can certainly benefit from the less heavy ones. Building muscle has the added advantage of offsetting muscle degeneration that comes with age. At the same time, muscles consume far more calories than fats. This is why you will be able to burn calories even when you are sleeping! While cardio machines are all well and good, they don’t build muscle. Dumbbells can help you on that score. 

  • Resistance bands: Toning your body

They are a very good alternative to conventional dumbbells since they don’t take up a lot of room. Best of all, you can’t hurt yourself if you drop one on your toe. You can use them to build your muscle mass and endurance too. 

  • Pilates and yoga: Rock your way to health

You should also consider taking Pilates and/or yoga to regain your fitness levels. You don’t need a lot of equipment for this. Just a YouTube video, a smart device to run it on, and room to swing your limbs. However, you will definitely need a good strong mat for your exercises. Not just for Pilates and yoga but several other exercises as well. That is why you should consider gym flooring for the room dedicated to working out and exercising. They can easily be set up and expanded to create the exact floor space that you need.

  • Conclusion

Older adults need to exercise every bit as much as their younger counterparts, perhaps even more so if they want to retain their fitness or lose weight. However, they should refrain from using high-impact exercise machines such as a treadmill or heavy weights, but use other less stressful machines and equipment to get the desired results. 

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