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Online Training Software
Best Online Training Software

An orientation briefing introduces new employees to the organization and orients them in what their job involves. This is an important part of the employee’s journey as it is the first training program they take part in and can impact their work experience. That’s why it’s important to use the right tools, like online training software, to easily complete tasks, streamline processes, and engage students in learning material. Done right, it ensures that employees are productive and able to do their jobs efficiently as they are equipped with everything they need.

The reasons for success.

Online training continues to grow, promoted by phenomena such as the “new normal”, dictated by the pandemic period, the digital transition, and the increasingly widespread application of techniques and tools for remote work.

A significant part of company training courses focus on sharing content to promote activity and productivity, often dedicated to new resources, but also employee refresher programs. In this training sector, the online training software is based on which aim, mainly on asynchronous but also synchronous training activities, to share processes or to update resources on new regulations and new inputs from the legislator that may concern certain professional categories.

What does Online Training mean?

Online training software is training carried out through a specific environment that is based on the web, therefore does not require any software installation on the user’s device. By connecting remotely, the user can therefore access online training, which is all the more necessary when it comes to training and instructions or work processes that must be applied during the activity.

On the subject of online training software, eLeaP software has gained significant experience in designing and implementing them for a large number of insurance and banking institutions and institutions.

Types of Online Training Software.

Based on the training objectives, the type of online training software provided may vary and, in fact, the opportunity to carry it out in asynchronous mode, the most widespread, or synchronous. Even if the purpose for everyone remains the effectiveness of learning, the different typologies have more specific characteristics of duration, interactivity, and verification of learning.

As mentioned, online training software often takes the form of recorded lessons that the learner follows from their device, choosing the time and place to watch the lesson.

In some cases, it may also be the recording of a webinar. With eLeaP life, for example, it is very easy to record the webinar and edit it easily by choosing which window to show and saving the webinar quickly and easily, if necessary also transforming it into the format suitable for use in an e-learning platform.

eLeaP LMS experience in online training software 

The creation of online training software is of great importance for those who work in insurance or banking fields because it allows employees to continuously update on constantly changing topics such as current regulations and provisions or market processes and dynamics.

In this sector, eLeaP is an ideal software for organizing any type of online training software because it also allows you to generate reports in line with the requirements of the new inter-professional funds regarding distance learning / synchronous e-learning.

Of course lms systems, the type of online training software to be created is decisive in this specific sector. eLeaP allows the best customization, to vary within the single training session to adapt to the most diverse needs of the organizers.

To give a small example, the online training software could include an incoming test administered live, and alternate lessons with multiple traced questionnaires to which the user can respond in a limited time, leaving the chat active, the questions to the speaker, the like, and any other form of interaction present, and then conclude the webinar with an exit questionnaire and release the certificate.

Also in this sector, eLeaP LMS has created a new online training concept that we call Total Blended Learning, consisting of three elements:

  • traditional classroom training;
  • live virtual classroom;
  • online training software available on e-learning platforms also created with recorded live lessons.

As can be seen, this is an overcoming of traditional online training because it embraces a mixed approach: online training therefore and classroom training, according to a system called blended learning.

eLeaP LMS is the leading introductory learning software that allows you to create and deploy learning content anytime, anywhere. With the free, editable course library, you can customize courses and lessons to suit your organization’s needs. To ensure that learning does not degrade even in remote environments, the Virtual Classroom feature has been developed to promote social interaction and ensure success in an online learning environment. Hangouts can be linked directly to a discussion course to promote collaboration through the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experience.

As a mobile learning solution, eLeaP allows your students to complete their learning using their smart phones, which improves progress and speed of course completion.

Key features:

  • Mobile-first – Lessons run easily on both iOS and Android devices. As well as being fully responsive, they are perfectly formatted for any web browser.
  • Editable Micro learning Content Library – eLeaP LMS  has partnered with the best in the business to create a growing library of courses filled with expertly designed lessons. You can personalize and rebrand them however you like.
  • Virtual Classroom – Meetings are also easy to host and host on your preferred third-party platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.


  • Students can access lessons from any mobile device and download them for offline learning.
  • Short, piecewise lessons for better assimilation and digestion of information
  • Easy to create lessons without knowledge of coding or instructor design
  • There are more than 1000 micro learning courses that can be deployed right out of the box
  • Create SCORM-compliant courses directly from the authoring tool without the need for developers.

Cost: Free

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