Debunking the Most Common EMF Myths That Exist Today

EMF Myths

There are many EMF myths out there about smartphone and digital device usage. It’s best we started to listen to and debunk them, especially since about 97 percent of us currently own a smart device of some kind. 

In this article, we’ll be examining what the myths are in hopes of shedding some light on what we can do to avoid this potentially deadly threat that follows us around through the devices that connect us. Let’s begin! 

Nothing Can Prevent EMF Radiation

EMF radiation has become something of an accepted side effect of the digital lifestyle. Our smartphones require power to operate. That power comes largely thanks to radio frequencies. 

As noted above, most of us have smartphones, so we just have to accept it. False! There are means of reducing the harmful effects of EMF radiation. Companies like specialize in ways to lower the output of radiation from digital devices. 

The Government Is Watching Out for Us 

Another EMF myth is that the government would never allow smartphones and other devices to operate at harmful levels of radiation. The idea is that the government heavily regulates the airwaves to ensure no device is manufactured that can induce health issues.

Unfortunately, this is an overly simplified view. The reality is that we don’t have a magic formula or crystal ball capable of knowing how EMF radiation will affect each person.

We’ve still much to learn. What we do know is that each person’s physiology differs in its susceptibility. As a result, some can go their whole lives without being affected while others see the onset of cancers and other illnesses.

Most Consumer Electronics Emit Too Low Frequencies to Be Harmful 

Unfortunately, the laws in place do not provide adequate scope to know whether EMF protection is necessary. If anything, it’s likely that the standards are way behind. That’s because they haven’t been updated since 1996, a time when less than 20 percent of the public had a cellphone, and the smartphone was nonexistent.

So, don’t believe the conspiracy theorists when they tell you something like 5G technology is a new threat. It’s built on top of existing EMF transmitter threats like 3G, 4G, and LTE, which are more advanced than the standard absorption rate.

Bluetooth Devices Cannot Harm You  

It’s true that devices like Bluetooth headphones emit less dangerous radiation than smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, and other electronic devices. However, they still broadcast at a similar radio frequency, which means the potential for harm is there.

These EMF Myths Must Be Busted for Your Safety

Knowing these EMF myths keeps you safer in a few ways. They help you limit your smartphone usage, choose products that use less energy and are less of a threat, and they help you find products geared at blocking or reducing the amount of radiation that gets through. 

You can push back and protect yourself against the effects of EMF radiation with an informed approach. For more technology tips and articles, check out some of our additional posts. 

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