Delta-8 THC Flower: Everything You Need to Know

Delta-8 THC Flower

What is delta-8 flower?

Delta-8 flower is hemp flower coated in a thick, almost syrupy liquid carrying an ultra-high concentration of delta-8 and trace quantities of other cannabinoids. You can either smoke, vape, or cook it, but smoking or vaping provides the best and fastest results. buy weed online winnipeg

How is delta-8 flower made?

Delta-8, a minor cannabinoid in hemp flowers, is known to produce mild euphoria. Its effects are not enough to induce intoxication. To enhance the delta-8 content in hemp flowers, producers coat their buds with delta-8 distillate before packaging them. The safest method of coating is by freezing and powderizing the distillate ready to be sprinkled on the buds. The spray method isn’t the safest option as it leaves behind hazardous residual solvents that can contaminate your buds. If you want to buy only from the best rated delta 8 flower brands, then always look out for this lab test report stating that they were free of any contaminants and safe to smoke.

Does delta-8 flower get you high?

No. Delta-8 flower is a cannabinoid that’s known for its relaxing effects. The effect can be more intense than similar strains, thanks to its high levels of Delta-8 terpene. The indica body buzz will leave you feeling happy and relaxed, while the cerebral head high makes this a dream strain for creative endeavors.

How long does a delta-8 high last?

A fast-acting and powerful strain, Delta 8 is a sativa dominant hybrid (70/30) that gives users an uplifting and motivating high. After smoking or vaping Delta 8 flower, effects begin within 15-20 minutes and can last between 1-3 hours, depending on the dose and product strength. The onset of effects from oral consumption of delta-8 edibles is roughly 45-60 minutes, and the high can last up to four hours depending on how much you eat.

Cannabinoid delta-8 THC is one of the rarest and most powerful compounds found in cannabis. For example, some pretty strong delta-8 edibles can keep you high for much longer than four hours so if you don’t have a high tolerance, it’s best to start with a standard dose of around 10 mg D8-THC and see how you feel.

Does delta-8 smell like delta-9?

Delta-8 flower is an aromatherapeutic compound that relieves pain, nausea and helps with sleep by lowering blood pressure. The Delta-8 flower is no different than regular delta-9 flowers, but it has subtle differences thanks to terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that give cannabis strains their distinct and varied scents. Some terpene combinations give cannabis an earthy, piney, woody, sour, or sweet smell. Delta-8 and delta-9 aren’t aromatic compounds, meaning they don’t contribute to the flower’s taste or smell. Get more details about Delta 8 flowers, visit here.

Is it legal to buy delta-8 flowers?

Delta-8 flower is legal on the federal level. The federal government signed and enacted the Agriculture Improvement Act (2018 Farm Bill), legalizing hemp and hemp production and removing hemp from the definition of marijuana, a controlled substance. States continue to regulate, restrict or outright ban delta-8 products. Some other US states do not allow any smokable hemp products.

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