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If you have a bit of free time and want that to utilize it for earning money while being entertained at the same time, you can register for the slots gaming website. On the slots website, you can play games and earn back money by depositing a negligible amount.


If you are good at writing and want to help the new slots players learn new things, you can start writing articles for the slots website. After you complete writing the article, submit it to the slotxo website team. They will check the article and review it.

If the article is worthy to get posted, they will reach out to you and you will be paid for the article depending upon the length and information shared. This way you will benefit by earning and sharing the knowledge you previously had regarding the slots game.

Support Team

The support team is available 24 * 7 on the slots website. You can contact them through the official mail id and phone number given on the website. They are a team of professionals trained to help all the users who face any kind of issue on the website.

The support team can also be contacted for issues like transactional ones, upgrading plans, unable to play games, mismatch in rules and regulations for any of the new games, rude gamblers opposite you, and many others. 

Deposit and Earn Bonus

Deposit an amount of 500 and you will be eligible for a 20% bonus. You can earn a lot of money by winning prizes and lotteries on the slots website. The slots website has 100’s of live users at any time of the day.

The website is free for registration and hence players from all around the world are active on the Internet. The slots website traffic gets a boom on days when live bets are going on. You might wonder as to what a live bet is. Do not worry, we will read about live bets in the next section.

Live Bet in Slots Gaming

Live bets are gambles done when a game is ongoing. When a game is taking place and it is telecasted live, gamblers bet either upon the players or a team which is known as live betting. The registration amount for live betting is a bit on a higher note.

Most of the professional players take part in live betting. During live betting, you must have enough experience to change strategies depending upon the changing live scores. If you are new to betting, we recommend that you do not participate and at first learn by looking at other slots gamblers.

This way the risk of losing money will become a lot lesser for you. Once you are confident that you will be able to change strategies in mid of the game, and then you can start betting on live bets.


The website provides a lot safer and easier options to deposit and withdraw money. Firstly, a user needs to be above 18 years of age so that they hold a bank account of their own. The bank account must be linked to the slots gaming website.

Thereafter the user can carry out the transactions through the gaming website. For depositing money, he or she needs to visit the homepage and then click on the transactions tab. Through the transactions tab, they can navigate to the slots deposit option.

Upon clicking on the deposit button, a new tab will be opened and the user will be redirected to it. The user must enter the required details in the form along with the amount he or she wants to deposit. Remember that this amount will be debited from your bank account and will be credited to the gaming wallet.

After you enter an amount to deposit, a one-time password will be sent to your mail-id or mobile number. Enter the OTP in the deposit form and then click on submit. The amount will be deposited into your gaming profile within no time.

You can now use this amount to register for new games and bet on them. Similarly, you can also withdraw money from your gaming profile.

Withdraw money from gaming wallet

 After you win a few rounds of betting games and your wallet gets filled with a certain limit of money, you might want to withdraw it. In this section, we will have a look at how users can withdraw money from the slots gaming website. You can withdraw money by first visiting the home page.

On the homepage, click on the transactions tab. The slots transactions tab will display two options, click on the withdraw option. A new tab will be opened and the user will be redirected to it. The user is required to fill the withdrawal form with the required information.

Note that you can only enter an amount that is equal to or lesser than the amount present currently in the gaming wallet. Entering a value greater than that might result in your transaction being canceled.

Once you enter the amount, click on the submit button. The transaction will be initiated and within the next 24 hours, your money will be credited to the bank account. You can withdraw it the same way you withdraw money from a bank account.

The currency will be automatically changed to your country’s currency before depositing the slots money. Hence the user is not required to pay extra money on getting the currency exchanged as is the case with a few other websites.

If you do not receive the money after withdrawing it due to any technical errors, you can contact the support team whose contact mail and phone number are already shared on the slots gaming website.


As we have come to the end of this article, we have read about the slots website and the way one can withdraw and deposit money. We have also read about another way through which users can earn money from the slots website.

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