Environmental Lawyers in Dubai

Environmental Lawyers in Dubai

Multiple Law Firms in Dubai handle cases related to “Environmental Issues and Regulations”. Lawyers who specialize in Environmental Law prefer to work with Law Firms that actively handle cases related to Environmental Law. Environmental Lawyers work with cases that involve violations of Environmental Laws. The actions of individuals and businesses alike may harm or threaten the welfare of the environment. Therefore, environmental lawyers are needed to sort out the legal issues for their clients. These issues may even involve going to trial on behalf of clients.

The UAE regulates the protection and conservation of the environment and has multiple laws and regulations to ensure that all individuals and businesses ensure the welfare of the environment. Furthermore, in addition to the laws regulating the environment in the UAE, some additional laws are applicable in individual emirates as per their local laws. The additional environmental laws in Dubai, are as follows:

1. Environment protection is regulated by Local Order No. 61 of 1991.

2. Water supply and drainage are regulated by Local Order No. 8 of 2002.

3. Public health is regulated by Local Order No. 11 of 2003.

4. Groundwater is protected by Law No. 15 of 2008.

Environmental Lawyers in Dubai understand all the local as well as federal laws and can help businesses and individuals to manage their affairs in such a way that none of the laws for the protection and conservation of the environment are violated.

It is essential to understand the importance of an environmental lawyer and hire a good law firm that specializes in cases regarding environmental law before any major activity is conducted that may impact the environment in any way. An environmental lawyer can guide and ensure that there are no environmental violations which can save from legal issues in the future. Environmental violations are usually strictly punished which can result in a tarnished reputation in addition to heavy fines. Therefore, if a good environmental lawyer is consulted beforehand, it can save from a lot of serious issues.

Environmental lawyers in dubai work in law firms as well as government organizations. These lawyers are involved in policy formation and ensuring the fulfilment of environmental rules and regulations.

Working as an environmental lawyer requires a lot of commitment as well as a passion to protect and safeguard the environment. Passion is a motivation that drives a person towards success and if a lawyer is passionate about the right causes, they can ensure the betterment of the environment and can fight for the right causes.

It is usually a misconception that environmental lawyers only work as prosecutors. However, environmental lawyers work like all other lawyers. They work with clients and help to sort out their legal problems. Furthermore, in case a case is filed against a client, the lawyers prepare cases, work with cases and go to trial to ensure that their client is not wronged in any way.

Legal Facilitation Provided by Immigration Lawyers

The changing demographics and global economic conditions have impacted people worldwide in terms of living conditions, employment opportunities, income, education, and career choices. A recessive world economy has made people realize that they need to strive harder for a better living standard and progressive job opportunities in foreign lands. Immigration is the answer to all such socio-economic calls of concern.

Immigration refers to the permanent relocation of a person or his family from his native country to some foreign land for better prospects regarding lifestyle, education, income, and employment opportunities. They intend to live, work and settle there for the rest of their lives. The United Arab Emirates is a budding hub of such immigrants. The labor force, job-seekers, and people belonging to various professions aspire to immigrate to the UAE for a bright future both professionally and personally.

Among all emirates, Dubai is the top choice for all such immigration-intending workers and professionals. Its rapid advancement over the years is a tempting call for venture capitalists, real estate investors, and employment seekers. An increased interest in the permanent relocation plans to Dubai has escalated the demand for immigration lawyers in Dubai.

Candidates considering immigration plans seek the help of credible immigration lawyers for understanding the current Immigration Laws exercised there. Moreover, they require professional legal assistance to help in the application, processing, and grant of work visas and residence visas in Dubai which are essential in an immigration procedure.

The expert guidance of these immigration attorneys minimizes the chance of rejection of immigration applications since they know all the ins and outs of this area of law. Hence, they ensure that their client’s documents, financial statements, and job applications comply with all the immigration prerequisites. It leads to the processing of the candidate’s application by the concerned authorities and increases the chances of acceptance by the state government.

Visa delays, expiry, grant of work permit, residence visas, etc. are all handled by the concerned attorney. These law professionals ensure that their client has hassle-free recruitment and settlement in Dubai by taking care of all the immigration formalities. Moreover, their specialized knowledge of the immigration laws makes them the most suitable choice for individuals who wish to avail a tempting foreign job opportunity but are afraid to take the plunge due to their inability, inexperience, and ignorance of the immigration criteria, its do’s and don’ts. Furthermore, these law solicitors act as legal advisors to their clients regarding any issue, action, or misconception that might lead to the rejection of immigration forms.

Immigration lawyers make sure that their clients live in a free and liberating environment in a foreign land and avail lucrative opportunities necessary for an easy and successful settlement. Their clients can range from individuals to companies. Companies seek their professional guidance and legal solutions when they desire to hire non-national candidates for a particular job position. These law experts take care of all the legal protocols and guidelines related to the immigration of foreign to-be-recruited employees. Issuance of his work permit, a valid visa, and residence permit are taken care of by the lawyer in question on behalf of the hiring company.

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