Fast Weed Delivery Ottawa

Fast Weed Delivery Ottawa

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has said that the cannabis retailers in the province are now able to offer best edible delivery Ottawa and curbside services of pickup permanently. Along with providing cheap ounce deals ottawa, it has equally become important to deliver it quickly to the customers in order to hold the market. This move has been meant in order to make the pot stores have two sales avenues. The walk-in pot stores option of sales online was first permitted to be explored temporarily during the pandemic. Now they have given permission to turn this temporary option of online sales of weeds into a permanent full-time option as well since March 15, 2022. This move has really been helpful support to the industry giving the buyers a varied choice, access, and convenience in getting the weeds legally from the market.

The vice president of business development at ethos has appreciated this move as this would help the pot stores to revive the business once again which brought them a loss during the pandemic. Now, most of the walk-in dispensaries in Ottawa have an option for online delivery as well. In fact, the legal dispensaries can deliver the product to the customers on the same day of receiving the order within two hours. this move has been made to increase the traffic once more. Otherwise, it was becoming difficult for this industry to attract new customers due to the effects of the pandemic, and a rebound of the business in the market was getting impossible.

This move has empowered the retailers for getting new customers to their doors with the help of the walk-in option and also the online option of ordering as well. Although this option too has certain limitations as well that may stand as a hindrance to the delivery. Every possible measure is been undertaken to overcome the problem.

In accordance with the rules set by the commission, the delivery orders are to be placed at specific locations of stores only. And orders and the delivery of the products are to be fulfilled by the employees only and no services of the third party can be taken. The rules also say that whatever products appear on the website, they must be available in the store as well. They cannot avail the option of arranging it from elsewhere for the customer. There are some genuine and legalized dispensaries in Ottawa that provide fast weed delivery services. Among them, one of the best names that you can choose is definitely The Greenmates Ottawa Weed Delivery. 

Factors to keep in mind in choosing the fast weed delivery Ottawa

There are certain factors that you need to be mindful of while you choose the option for fast weed delivery ottawa

  1. Customer satisfaction

If you are thinking that how would you get the best option for getting the weed delivered fast in Ottawa without making any compromises on the quality then reading the reviews is the best thing. Read the reviews of the people about different weed dealers in Ottawa. Be it on their websites or across their social media pages or on any other sites of reviews. You can even ask your know sources and get as much information possible on their products and also the time of delivery they take especially when you are looking for the same-day delivery option. 

  1. Availability of the product

Once you know the strain you are looking for be it the indica, sativa, hybrid, or even topical, tinctures, edibles, pills, gummies, and vegan options check if it is available in the dispensary. It is also equally important to finding out how often the dispensary updates its stock. Once you become sure of these factors you see which delivery option is available. 

  1. Consultations 

As you buy weed from an online dispensary, naturally you shall have multiple questions in your mind about its different products, delivery system, and many other factors. So, it is important to find out if the dispensary has the option for consultations. You shall also be requiring good knowledge about the effect that each strain leaves o the body, the type that is best suited for you, and the amount your body can handle as well.

You may even need the consultation services to know how to pay and about their return policy in case of discrepancy. As you are opting for the fast weed delivery services in Ottawa you might also need to ask for the live tracker of the driver while the delivery is on the way. 

  1. Safety

Irrespective of the fact that you are ordering the weeds from an authorized dispensary but still you are required to find out how safe the product is. In addition to that, you may also require to find how fresh the product is and what safety measures they ensure to give you the authentic product. Finding out the safety measures during the delivery too is an important factor. 

  1. Sources

Apart from the safety measures you also need to find out from where they source the weed in the case when they do not grow on their own farm. Legally grown hemp always undergoes a test to check the TH levels and if pesticides have been used as well. 

  1. Service Area

Know well about the service areas that fall under their territory in the case of same-day delivery. 

  1. Delivery Hours

Even though you are choosing the option for the same-day delivery of weeds and most same-day delivery happens within two hours of ordering yet know the time you can expect them. Unlike other products, marijuana needs some validation proof to be shown by the customer while receiving the product. So, it is important that you are there in the home when the delivery arrives.

  1. Donations and price of items

Before you place the order for your strain, it is important to know that you are buying it at a reasonable price. A price comparison check with various dealers is a must before you order. The list of prices you can find on the websitementioned on the side of the product.  You also need to ensure if they have set an amount for the delivery on the same day or is it free. You also need to know if there are any discounts available or not. 

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