Five Ways You Can Use Hollywood Fashion Tape.

Hollywood Fashion Tape

With the advent of platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and others, Hollywood fashion secrets are no longer secrets. We now know how fashionistas carry their dress so well, no matter how plunging the neckline is or how high the slit is. Here are some of the uses of Hollywood fashion tape that might prove quite helpful for you.

Uses Of Hollywood Fashion Tape.

Even though it is practically impossible to list everything here, here are some of the common hacks to pull off a challenging dress without having to worry about the possibility of a slip.

Securing a Plunging Neckline:

This seems to be one of the common FAQs that pop up now and then. With Hollywood fashion tapes, you can secure any neckline, provided it is a double-sided tape.

Firstly, you must attach one pasty side to the area with respect to your comfort zone. Pull the inner lining of the cloth just enough to paste it to the other side of the tape. Do not pull the cloth too much since it might look forced and untidy.

Securing a Bra Strap:

It is summer and you want to go sleeveless. But are you the kind who is sensitive about exposing your bra strap? Well, not to worry because these fashion tapes are just the thing for you.

Just like securing a plunging neckline, securing a bra strap is the same. Make sure that you cut the piece of tape according to the width of the top of the dress sleeve and you are good to go.

Securing Gaps:

We all have that one shirt that we obsess over and find emotionally hard to let go of. Most clothes shrink or expand with time and since you are a growing human being, the in-between spaces from one button to the next, especially around the breasts, can leave gaps.

To ensure that those gaps are secured, use double-sided body tapes to fasten the gap and roam around without giving a care in the world. Make sure that you give the adhesive quality a check at home just to be in the future.

Securing a Bow Tie:

While an asymmetrically-placed tie is considered perfect, some like the same to be symmetric. In order to guide the tie to the preferred position, add tapes to the collar and then stretch the petals of the bow just enough to hold the bow in position for the rest of your eventful evening. You can always use extra pieces of tape to fasten it even further. However, you also risk making it look unnatural.

Avoiding Shoe Bites:

We all have been disappointed. Bandaids don’t possess strong adhesive properties to keep their position intact. However, with one-sided tape, kiss your shoe bites away.

Also, if you attach double-sided tape along the length of your shoe and above the heel, it attaches to the skin and helps your feet stay in place. As you can see, there are a lot of advantages to using fashion tapes. Get these fashion tapes to live a carefree life every day.

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