Home Sweet Home? 6 Major Signs Your House is Headed for High Repair Bills

High Repair Bills

Owning a well-loved home may be a noteworthy aspect of the American dream, but it’s easy to find yourself in a nightmare when unexpected repair bills begin to pile up. Without proper maintenance and care, home ownership can be an expensive feat.  

So, before dropping another check on a new car or updated furniture, consider taking a look around your space and taking inventory of possible problem areas. Though an uneven floor or finicky plumbing system may not seem like a significant issue, taking action early can save you from over-the-top repair bills.

Mud tubes

Take a walk around your home and look closely at your foundation, especially where it meets the ground. If you see established termite mud tubes, you could already have an infestation and damage to the wood around your foundation. Another sign of termite damage is bubbling paint, as termites damage the walls and wooden supports behind it. 

As soon as you see mud tubes or other signs of termites, contact a local exterminator to determine if you have an infestation. Since termites reproduce quickly, they can become an expansive and expensive problem for unexpecting homeowners. 

Leaky ceilings

If you notice leaks in your ceilings, you may be on your way to sky-high costs. Unfortunately, a leaky roof may not be noticeable at first if you’re unsure what to look for. Instead of waiting for an actual leak, check for stains on your ceiling or surrounding walls. 

The problem could be related to your roof or the pipes that run above your ceiling, but either way, without immediate action, you could be in for a drained savings account. Roof repairs and replacements are typically expensive as damaged structures can cause drywall, paint, and window trim problems. 

Uneven floors

If you’ve noticed uneven floors or a door that doesn’t fit quite right, you may be looking at more significant foundational complications. Whether your floor joists need fixing or your basement supports need replacing, contact a licensed contractor to evaluate the prediciment and provide an estimate.

Unpleasant smells in your basement

Many homeowners are under the impression that basements tend to have a certain stench. Though this misconception is common, it’s misguided—no part of your home should emit a smell. 

If you’d like to ensure your safety and the integrity of your property, you can reach out to mold inspection Denver. In that case, moisture is likely seeping into your basement, which is a costly problem to repair. 

If left untreated, dampness can grow black mold, leaving you with potentially serious health problems on your hands. So, though taking care of excessive moisture in your basement can be an expensive problem, mold remediation adds even more to the repair costs. 

Gurgles in your sinks and toilets

Ideally, water should flow smoothly down your drain and toilet. If you have a blockage from your garbage disposal or your sewer system, your drains and toilets might start gurgling. 

As soon as you hear that unfortunate sound, contact your local plumber to solve the problem before it worsens. Those gurgles could indicate a leak, so check under the sink and around the base of your toilets. Ignoring the problem could cause mold to build up under the sink, leaving you with more expensive pipe deterioration on your hands.  

Flickering lights and other electrical problems

Often, flickering lights and subtle burning smells indicate an electrical problem. Whether it’s a low-quality fixture, faulty wiring, or an overloaded circuit board, ensure you remedy any electrical malfunctions as soon as possible to avoid fires. 

Wrap up

Though it may be challenging to stay on top of every repair, your home will offer signs that it’s time to leap into maintenance mode. Instead of ignoring issues as they arise, tackle them head-on and reduce repair prices before they impact your savings account.

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