6 reasons why you can’t afford to ignore intellectual property rights

intellectual property rights

Every company, whatever the size, risks having its intellectual property infringed upon. So, intellectual property (IP) protection is essential if a business is to be successful. Intellectual property protection measures like trademark protection, patent filing, and renewals can help safeguard a company’s brand image and market share.  

Starting a business that provides a unique service or product takes time and resources. Without IP rights, you risk losing out on the benefits of your hard work. Other entities may use your ideas without your consent. Here are six reasons you can’t afford to ignore IP rights in your business.

Enhance your business’s profits 

As an entrepreneur, you start a business to make a profit. But, where there is a chance to make a lot of money, there is significant competition. However, not all competition to your business is predictable. That brings the question of how to protect your profits against the unknown.

Intellectual property rights let you safeguard your business from unforeseen competition. They also help you stand out in the market, thus helping with sales and marketing. IP will also make your business attractive to skilled employees. All these three things help you enjoy significant profits.

Be part of the global competition

In recent times, businesses are going global. So, there is potential for you to take your business into worldwide markets. Protecting your IP rights helps safeguard your business in the local and international markets.

You have to claim intellectual property globally; if you don’t, you risk losing it altogether. Otherwise, it will be costly to penetrate the global market when ready.

Keep your ideas safe

With a unique product or service, you will encounter people who want to use your ideas as their own. You can choose between different types of intellectual property to prevent others from doing so.

Many people believe that intellectual property rights are only applicable to giant corporations. But, small businesses can also keep their unique ideas safe through IP rights. Safeguarding ideas can provide your business with a competitive advantage.

Safeguard your business’ growth

Paying attention to intellectual property rights can help you grow your business. Competitors can infringe on your market share when you fail to protect your unique ideas. Ultimately, your business may experience a slow growth rate and reduced revenue generation.

Also, fighting a competitor that takes away your market share is difficult without legal coverage. So, you must make sure no one uses your intellectual property. In doing so, you protect the growth of your business.

Raise money

As the owner of intellectual property rights, you can use them in whatever way you want. That includes using them to raise funds. Intellectual property can help you generate income through licensing or selling the rights.

IP rights also make it more likely that an investor will provide your business with funding. Financial institutions also hold companies with IP rights in higher regard. In some circumstances, you can even offer the rights as a guarantee for receiving a loan. 

Add to your business’s value

To be the leader in your field, you must protect your intellectual property. Having IP rights ensures customer loyalty and growth in the business’s market share. Both these things add to the value of your company.

Before you go

The name of your business, the logo, and the products and services you offer set you apart from others. So, it is worthwhile to make use of them and protect them.

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