IRCTC Train Schedule: How to Check Train Time Table Online

Train Time Table Online

Indian Railways is one of the top choices for travelling in India. Millions of people travel by it daily. However, selecting a train for journeying when the Indian railway runs thousands of trains seems tough. But thankfully, It is not. Indian Railways follow the proper timetable and route for its operation, including train origin and terminating points, the stations on which the train will halt or pass by without stopping, and even the duration for which the train will take stoppage at certain railway stations. The Indian rail covers the distance between train origin station to terminating station in a scheduled time frame by following the rail program known as the Train Schedule

Indian Railways inform about this rail program through the regular announcements on railway stations that comprise information about where the train will lead and when the train is arriving. You must have heard such kinds of railway announcements — “May I have your attention please, train number 12802, “NEW DELHI – PURI PURUSHOTTAM EXPRESS”; which will go to Puri via Prayagraj Junction, Pt DD Upadhyay Junction, Sasaram and Dehri on Sone coming on platform number 1 shortly.”   

Earlier, people used to depend on only these announcements to know the train schedule or to visit the enquiry centre of the railway station. Nevertheless, with tech innovations, today, one can check the train timetable of any train on a mobile phone online by sitting on their comfy couch or bed to plan their upcoming train trip.  

How to Do a Train Time Table Enquiry Online?

There are multiple apps and websites through which passengers can get to know about the train timetable online. RailMitra is one of the best IRCTC rail inquiry apps and websites through which you can check IRCTC train schedules online and get accurate rail information. You can follow these steps to get the train timetable details and route conveniently. 

  • Install the RailMitra app from the play store or app market or visit the RailMitra official website. 
  • Select the train schedule option from the app dashboard or website menu bar. 
  • Enter the five-digit unique train number in the given box. Alternatively, you may also put the train name to know the train schedule. 
  • Now, Click on the “check train schedule” button.  

Wait for a few seconds; RailMitra will avert you to the result page where you can see the train schedule of that particular rail and get to know the train origin station, departure time, terminating station, arriving time, and multiple stations that come in between the source and terminating station on which train stops for some duration. 

How does Checking the Train Schedule Help the Passengers?

Checking the train schedule earlier helps the train passengers plan the journey efficiently. It lets the passengers:

Choose Train for the Journey – The train schedule lets you know the timing of the train when the train will start from your nearest station and reach the destination, and the time frame when you will need to board or deboard the train if it is night or day. You can compare these train timings and travel duration with different trains and choose the train that suits your travel requirements. Knowing the train schedule also gives information about the train route, which aids the passenger in choosing the train. 

Get a High Confirmation Chance Ticket- If you need to book your train ticket during high rush seasons, you can choose to take your train ticket from the train originating station to the terminating station because the train ticket with General Waiting List status comprises high confirmation chances in comparison to tickets with Remote Locations Waiting List. By checking the train schedule, you can know the distance between the train originating station to your nearest station and your destination to the train terminating station.  

Order Food on the Train on Time- By knowing the train timetable, you can decide at which station you can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner on time. You can even order food on train in advance for these stations. RailRestro is an e-catering service provider that offers healthy and delicious cuisines on trains. Through its e-catering app and website, you can order various foods on the train, including veg, non-veg, Jain, and regional dishes. With it, you can even order Indo-Chinese, Indo- French, South Indian, North Indian, and Mughalai food on the train to satiate the starvation of your journey. 

Take Journey Break- With the IRCTC train timetable, you know the route of the train and the station it takes halts. You can plan your journey break conveniently if there is any place in between the route you want to visit during the trip. Apart from it, if the passenger wants to meet someone at any particular station can ask them to come to the station at the scheduled train time.  

Get journey Details- By checking the train schedule, you get to know the train boarding hour that helps you reach the railway station on time to board the train. The train schedule also lets you know the platform number on which that train usually stops. It eases the rush you might face at the last time at the station to know about the platform number. However, you must verify the train platform number at the station. 

With the train schedule, travellers can organise the train trip properly and avoid the hassle that may come on the journeying date. However, because of weather conditions, violence, riots, heavy rain, or unwanted natural climates, Indian Railways might reschedule the train timetable and route. In such a situation, to keep yourself updated, you can check the train schedule on the RailMitra. It allows you to check the train timetables regularly. 

Apart from the train schedule, with the RailMitra; train inquiry app and the website, you can check the PNR status of IRCTC train tickets, live train running status, trains between stations, train live arrival and departure, train fare, seat availability, and order food on the train to delight your train journey experience. 

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