What is Flyboarding and where I can Enjoy it?


Whatever the sport, flying is always a challenge, now imagine floating on jets of water while moving with the help of a jet ski. It sounds crazy, but what started as a joke is now a sport.

Time to talk about extreme sports! Have you ever heard of “flyboard”? The term is not so well known because this extreme sport is still very little talked about and few people manage to practice it. Connected to a watercraft, the flyboard allows a person to fly 10 meters high propelled by a jet of water.

Fly like a superhero and dive like a dolphin: that’s already possible with the extreme water sport Flyboarding in Goa Bungee

How it works? 

Once connected, the flyboard uses the Jet Ski’s turbine as a water pump to propel the person on a board, connected to a 20 meter hose. Direction is given by the Flyboarder, who uses only his feet, to determine where he wants to go. 

It is possible to maneuver around the Jet Ski, whether standing above the surface of the water or even diving.

Is it difficult?

It seems difficult, but it is not. And as they say, it’s like learning to ride a bike, or standing.

When we say that balance is everything, for this type of sport we can say that this phrase fits like a glove, because it is with balance and concentration that you can stay on the board without falling into the water. 

It takes five to 20 minutes to learn the basics of flyboarding with an instructor. As for getting the training, mastering the maneuvers and understanding how it works, it takes about three hours. If you stop to think about it, it’s not that long. In addition, not everyone can practice, only from the age of 14. The equipment must be used in places that are at least two meters deep to avoid injuries in falls. 

The feeling is of freedom, adrenaline, conquest, overcoming, and the ability to fly over water is a unique experience! 

How to fly? 

All movements necessary to fly are pointed out by the instructor. A lot of attention at this point, flying is extremely easy; just follow the step by step carefully.

Reminder: safety equipment, such as a life jacket, cannot be forgotten before starting the practice; it is provided at the beginning of the tour. 

The movement of the toes, knees slightly bent and the trunk slightly inclined forward are essential to start the flight, understanding the movements, just enjoy and die of anxiety for the photos and videos provided after the tour.

What clothes should I wear? / What clothes to wear? 

To fly with the Flyboard you just need a tight-fitting outfit, and to avoid losses, always remember to take off rings, strings, earrings, glasses, caps and/or any item that can come off easily. 

Who can’t fly?

Pregnant women, children under 11 years old, people with serious orthopedic problems in the spine or knees (consult a doctor first), people who are drunk and people who have used narcotics. 

Where to Experience FlyBoarding?

Atlantis Water Sports is continuously looking for new and interesting water sports in North Goa to offer you. In Goa, they’re the first to offer you this brand-new product. If you haven’t already, it’s one of those bucket list experiences that you’ll never forget.

They give you the option of flying over the river or the ocean. On the Chapora River, or on Calangute Beach, they operate from Chopdem Jetty Both have the same exhilarating effect on the mind.

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