How are titanium glasses frames better for fashion and the environment?

titanium glasses

The thing with titanium is that it is one of the strongest metals, as well as being extremely robust and flexible.

Are you, on the other hand, a fan of metal frames? If you ask me about frames, I prefer metal frames to acetate frames since acetate frames are heavier than metal frames. Metal frames are relatively light, making them easy to carry. You appear to be wearing nothing, but we will undoubtedly say that we notice the advantages in a short time. However, there is one thing you should keep in mind with these glasses.

Environmental impact 

Did you know that titanium glasses are quite environmentally friendly? Yes, titanium is one of the few metals that is particularly environmentally friendly; it is easily recycled and does not hurt the environment. One of the best features of titanium eyewear is this.

So, if you’re looking for a way to help you make the transition to more eco-friendly and sustainable metal glasses, you should definitely consider obtaining a pair of titanium glasses, since they are incredibly beneficial to nature and do not pose any threat or harm.

While we’re discussing the advantages of titanium glasses, it’s important to note that acetate also plays a role in delivering a superior option for glasses. Acetate is a plant-based plastic created from plant fibre that is a far superior alternative to synthetic plastic. Unlike basic plastic, they are easily recyclable and create less carbon dioxide when recycled.

Another excellent alternative for your environmentally responsible relocation is wood, specifically wood glass collected directly from nature. How may these hurt the environment? They are incredibly eco-friendly and recyclable, so they will not hurt you or the environment.

Advantages of using titanium glasses

There are various advantages to wearing titanium glasses.

  • These lovely pairs are quite light, so they can easily handle heavyweight lenses. They appear to have nothing on their faces because they are so light.
  • These metals are extremely strong, making them one of the strongest metals for glasses. Their robustness makes them ideal for rimless and semi-rimless selections, as they offer the lenses with much-needed support.
  • No matter how much you bend or twist this titanium, it tends to return to its original shape with little effort, which is why it’s called memory titanium.
  • This metal is completely corrosion resistant, since it does not corrode when exposed to salty water, sunshine, or sweat. As a result, you may relax and enjoy your time at the beach.
  • Because the metal is a neutral metal, the frames are hypoallergenic. There’s a slim potential that these metals will trigger an allergic reaction around the nose or in the temples.

Now you understand why titanium frames are superior. For more updates on fashion and eyewear visit Specscart Facebook page. 

Styles of glasses 2022

Our research did not limit us to just a handful in the circle; we wanted to offer as many style toppers as possible with you.

Wayfarer spectacles- You may be completely smitten by the sunglasses, but what about the glasses? These wayfarer glasses are square in shape, just like wayfarer sunglasses, and provide much-needed improvement to the gentle facial features. The goal of these glasses is to achieve a perfect balance of everything.

Cat-eye spectacles- These cat-eye glasses have an upswept shape with a raised wing. Are you having problems finding glasses that are both serious and playful? Once these lovely cat-eyes are in place, you’ll have nothing to worry about. From bold to quirky, these lovely glasses have seen it all, making them a choice you’ll want to make for years to come.

Round glasses- Neither John Lennon nor Harry Potter could resist the style these round glasses would cover. There have been countless occasions when you’ve wanted to do something incredibly geeky for the day. Do you want to be the geek chic soul you’ve always wanted to be? These stylish glasses are ideal for a variety of occasions, including business meetings and movie date nights.

Aviator spectacles- Maybe you’ve always liked aviator sunglasses, but what about aviator sunglasses? Have you ever considered how these would look on you? These glasses are excellent for carrying around and can be coupled with any outfit to instantly give you the look of a style icon.

Square glasses- These glasses offer a bolder sensation of glasses, and their perfect square is what makes them appealing, especially to those with delicate face characteristics. Looking for a unique pair of spectacles to wear to an important business meeting? In and of itself, square glasses are the best option.

Try at home 

Keeping top-notch assistance when it comes to customer service, is the ultimate aim of every glass. And trying at home service does come under the same. There are several brands that offer such service and one such brand is Specscart which offers the service of trying at home. 

Generally, they offer a trial of 4 glasses, 3 lenses, and 7 days trial when it comes to trying at-home service. And as soon as you select a pair, a fresh pair is sent to you which will give back the existing one.

Same day glasses

Let’s use the same example as Specscart when it comes to emergency glasses. Where you may get glasses and have them delivered the same day. The order is delivered to your home in 24 hours. This unrivalled speed is only possible thanks to their royal mail delivery service, and not only that, they must retain top-notch quality while doing so. This is only possible because of their own laboratory in Manchester, which employs technicians with over 20 years of experience. The glasses are put through a three-point quality check to verify that they are of high quality.

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