How Big is the Role of UPI in Postpaid Recharge in Today’s World?

How Big is the Role of UPI in Postpaid Recharge in Today’s World

UPI autopay is used for recurring payments, i.e., for the airtel postpaid bill payment, which is charged monthly on a specific date. The National Payment Corporation of India launched it, and nowadays, this feature is used by the majority of the population as it is easy to maintain and convenient to use. You can utilize UPI not only for monthly postpaid bills but also for other transactions such as mutual fund investments, subscriptions, etc.

Let’s analyze the role of UPI in today’s world for postpaid payments

1. UPI app and Recurring payments – UPI autopay is the feature that is enabled in the UPI app itself, and it provides a lot of inbuilt features such as – 

It will streamline your autopay option with an enhanced and secured UI experience. 

UPI app offers modification, approval, and rejection features for recurring payment. 

Recurring payments, e.g., airtel postpaid bill payment, are administered by companies like airtel, and you can utilize third-party apps like MobiKwik to pay the bills or select autopay for timely monthly payments.

Apps like MobiKwik offer a secured and less-hassle environment for your recurring payments.

These are the small but handy features of UPI that play a significant role in the recurring payment industry and will streamline the processes in the future.

2. UPI Autopay benefits – These are some of the important features which help to stand out and play a big role in the postpaid industry – 

Billions of people access UPI app, and due to its payment automation, the postpaid market is inclined towards the autopay option offered by UPI. For example, airtel postpaid bill payment can be put on automation.

You can utilize apps like MobiKwik for initiating or setting up your autopay option.

This process is free of any unnecessary paperwork and completely focused on cashless payments. 

The use of UPI likely reduces the scope of fraud payment.

3. UPI ID – UPI ID is a very necessary and obvious step that you need to create to enjoy all the integrated features in the apps like MobiKwik. Below mentioned are the easy steps to create a UPI ID utilize the autopay option – 

Install the UPI app on your preferred device.

Input your mobile number that is linked to your bank account.

Complete the OTP verification step.

Add your bank account after setting up your UPI pin and use that UPI Pin as primary authentication input for future payments. 

4. Statical AnalysisUPI app stats indicate that it possesses an important and very big role in India’s online payment market. When implemented for postpaid recharges or bill payments through UPI autopay, surely every company will be inclined toward UPI as the preferred mode of transaction. Following are the important stats for UPI –

In July 2022, there are 338 backs registered on UPI for online banking,

As of the year 2022, $1 trillion worth of transactions took place through UPI.

In the year 2021, the UPI app garnered over 150 million active platforms on its first-party app and over 105 million users on the third-party app MobiKwik.

5. Online Security – When transacting through apps like MobiKwik, UPI offers industry-level security options so that the users don’t hesitate with their transactions. Following are some of the important security options offered through UPI – 

Pre-verification – An intensive verification process is carried out in the UPI app so that your UPI ID is eligible for future transactions, and you can block your number in case of a possible identity breach.

Secured Transactions – Postpaid Payments or normal transactions are both secured and encrypted by the highest level of security standards which acts as a major driver for payment intermediaries like MobiKwik.

Merchant verification – UPI carries out a distinct type of merchant verification in case you scan any QR code for postpaid payment or normal transactions.


UPI plays a distinct and major role in the payment industry and surely will revolutionize recurring payments, i.e., online postpaid recharges. Several integrated features and an immense customer base make it an easy option for any vendor such as MobiKwik. Moreover, it provides streamlined and seamless service through its automated payment option without any worry of security breaches or frauds. 

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