Nipple Pasties Are Available Everywhere Now

Nipple Pasties

The fashion world is evolving very rapidly nowadays. Previously, people did not care about wearing different types, colors, and sizes of clothes as much as they do now. The art of fashion designing was not given much importance and was usually neglected. But now there are various types of clothing and clothing hacks available. These clothing hacks like nipple pasties help us to wear all types of clothes and outfits without worrying about exposing unwanted skin to others. It is trending a lot nowadays, as you can wear these patches under any item of clothing. 

At that time, people only wanted to wear decent clothes and they would wear the same type of clothing everywhere regardless of the occasion or intent. There were only a handful of fashion designers and tailors available earlier. So there was not much creativity and spontaneity present in the fashion business. Also, people did not have enough money to buy a lot of clothes at the same time. They would only buy a few clothes and wear the same until they would wear down. But the fashion industry has come a very long way since then and has completely changed all over. 

The fashion industry mainly focuses on women’s fashion and clothing compared to men’s as it can be experimented with in many different ways. Fashion designers find women’s fashion more interesting and eye-catching. They can experiment with different shades of colors like pastel and vibrant colors in women’s fashion. Also, they can make women’s clothing in different shapes and sizes which can’t be done in men’s fashion. There are various drawbacks in men’s fashion compared to women’s fashion. Because men don’t seem to try out different types of clothing. 

But both these fashion types can be experimented with in many different ways. Even male fashion designers tend to work in the women’s fashion industry instead of men’s. Due to all these reasons, women have a lot of variety when it comes to clothing and clothing hacks. Women have clothes in various shapes, sizes, and colors to wear. Women can be often seen wearing men’s clothes too. But sometimes, see-through clothes can be a problem as your unwanted skin might be exposed without intention. Hence many women wear nipple pasties to cover their nipples in see-through clothes. 

Who Can Use The Nipple Pasties? 

Nipple pasties are also known as nipple covers, they are used to cover the nipples if they are being exposed unnecessarily. They are available on various online shopping apps in a pair usually. You can wear these patches under every outfit, especially the shirts or dresses that outline your nipples. People that are uncomfortable with showing unwanted skin prefer to use these patches as they are available in colors that match your skin color. These patches are made to make women feel comfortable in their skin and all types of clothes in every situation. Even men can use these patches to cover their nipples as they are gender-neutral. 

How Did Nipple Pasties Become Popular? 

The influence of these patches increased due to various public figures when they started using them in public. Most pop stars or rock stars in the 80s and the 90s used them to be edgier. It attracted a lot of attention from the public towards the celebrities irrespective of the intention. Hence it would always end up being in the favor of the celebrities. Due to the huge influence of these celebrities, these patches got introduced to the common people and they started using the patches too. They suddenly became a trend and everyone wanted to use them. 

Also during the women’s rights movements, these patches were used by a large number of people. As the women in these movements marched without tops, they decided to wear patches to cover their nipples throughout the walk. It also influenced a lot of women all around the world and gave them confidence and encouraged them to wear the patches without any hesitation. It is a personal choice to wear the patches as not everybody feels the necessity to wear them. You can make your own decision to wear them or not. 

These patches were also used by women under their swimsuits while swimming. As swimsuits can overline or make your nipples prominent. Hence a lot of swim athletes wear them every time they go swimming. Even many athletes wear these patches because they might experience a nipple fissure while playing their sport. It is a condition of constant irritation caused due to friction with a t-shirt material. This condition is usually called a runner’s nipple. So many male athletes wear these patches to cover their nipples so they don’t suffer any irritation. 

The culture of wearing these patches started with the dancers in the 20s. As these dancers had to wear many see-through clothes while dancing they decided to wear these patches to not show a lot of skin. Since then the influence of these patches started increasing slowly and steadily until the 90s when they became popular due to the actual celebrities. But not all women had access to these patches in the earlier days. But due to the online service available now, women residing in any corner of the world can order a pair of patches for themselves. 

They are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes on multiple websites that sell various products for women. These pasties are made out of rubber or silicon, so they can be washed and used again. A fixative called Arabic gum is applied to it so it can stick on your skin for a long time and you can remove it by peeling it off very easily. You must always make sure that the material and the glue used for making the patches are authentic. As mixed materials might cause a rash or irritation to your skin. 

If you want to use the patches only once, then you can buy the plastic patches that can be thrown away once they are used. But if you want to use them all the time, you must go for the silicon patches as they last longer. 

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