How marijuana fights cancer, signals apoptosis?


Very little is known about cannabis and its health benefits. As awareness around the world is increasing about this medicinal herb, there is growing interest among people every day about this wonder plant. Several online articles are publishing regarding the benefits and positive aspects of Cannabis. Constant new studies and researches are taking place around the world, new interesting points are getting revealed every day. Now you can learn many of the health benefits about this wonder herb.

With latest research it came into light that marijuana can provide hope with a non-toxic therapy which could eventually lead to treat any aggressive form of cancer without any painful side effects associated with chemotherapy.

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With the advancement of medical science there are different researches and studies being conducted to find out the best treatment for different health complexities. Cancer is one deadly disease that is taking number of lives every year all over the globe. However if recent medical researches and studies are to be believed there is a major breakthrough in Cancer treatment. Cancer cells were exposed to THC also known as tetrahydrocannabinol which is one of the principal ingredients of cannabis. Every time the cancer cells died and if it is really the case than any cancer patient can avoid all the pain and trouble associated with chemotherapy.

There is detailed study and research being conducted to understand the anti-cancer cell properties of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. There are subsequent studies being conducted in various countries to check the effectiveness of THC and various other marijuana derived ingredients which is also known as cannabinoids. The cannabinoids are found effective for loss of appetite, fatigue, pain and nausea problems. Apart from that if recent revelations are found true it will give a major breakthrough for all cancer treatments. There are different benefits coming in front with pink bong marijuana compounds and with passing time different medical studies and researches are validating it.

According to different research centers that are testing the impact of marijuana components against cancer cell it is found that to an extent the THC slows the growth of tumor in common lungs cancer. It has also come to light that the component significantly reduces or controls the cancer cell to spread in the human body. What’s more interesting about THC is that it selectively targets as well as destroys the tumor cell in human body. THC leaves the healthy human cells unscathed. The conventional chemotherapy tends to damage human body and brain to a great extent as it is highly toxic, cannabis can evolve as the best way to treat cancer cells.

According to medical experts there are mounting evidence based on some mini reviews that cannabinoids is a new class anticancer drug which can delay or slow the process of cancer cell growth. Not only that cannabinoids stops formation of new blood cells that generally feeds the tumor but also controls spreading of the deadly cell to a great extent. Many medical experts are claiming that CBD also known as Cannabinoid is an active component of marijuana plant and it is a potential destroyer of breast cancer cells, tumor growth and metastasis.

Within medical sciencecommunity there is huge excitement and interest regarding Cannabinoids and its anticancer properties. The anticancer properties of cannabinoids which is an active component of pink bong cannabis plant can prove to be effective in treating cancer in coming years. This will result in providing every cancer patient with nontoxic cancer treatment that is safe and secure, which is far better than existing chemotherapy. For that reason it is considered as a seminal advancement in cancer treatment.

Marijuana is connected to mankind for thousands of years and it is all due to its medicinal and health benefits. It has been found that pink bong Cannabis come with useful therapeutic as well as psychoactive qualities. The cannabis plant can grow up to five meters in wild. The medicinal plant flowers by the end of summer or late autumn season. Some earlier records show that cannabis was used from early days as a medicinal herb and for curing several diseases and other problems. Cannabis is basically a wild plant that is found in abundance in different Asian countries.

According to experts it is believed that cannabis is originated from India and there are many indigenous communities around the world that have been using this medicinal herb for several purposes or aspects such as medical, recreational as well as religious. There are many physicians who prescribe this important herb to patients suffering from diseases or ailments like multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, cancer, HIV and several other diseases. It is also found that cannabis can help human heart to a great extent and quite effective compared to individuals exercising regularly in gym. There are many more health benefits associated with cannabis and its herbal plant which is slowly coming into light.

In recent times cannabis is recognized as a popular drug and for that reason it is banned in different countries. Marijuana has that addictive nature that is what creates all problem or issues. The effect is quite similar to steroids which are anabolic in nature. What’s worse is that there are many sociological as well as health problems associated with this hard drug. However there was a recent study conducted that shows that cannabis users are less prone to lead to such nuisances or problems. It also came to light hat cannabis constitutes around 400 chemicals.

The cannabis is being used by many indigenous people for several advantages or purposes associated with this miracle herb. The main purpose is that it helps in psychoactive effects. The main or primary psychoactive element that is present in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. However excessive intake of cannabis smog that has different adverse effects can be quite harmful human body.

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