How Much Does YouTube Pay per View?

How Much Does YouTube Pay per View

Are you an aspiring content creator?

For over 17 years, Youtube has become a popular platform not only for sharing videos but also for earning money. Noting that it is the second most visited website in the world.

Maybe in your head, you are already thinking about uploading videos, and the potential money you can get but one question you may have is how much does YouTube pay per view? Keep reading to get answers. 

How Youtube Income Works: An Overview

Before you know the payment system, you must first know the basics and how it works. In technical aspects, you don’t really make money through views but through advertisements. More views equal more money!

Most of the time, the money on Youtube comes from AdSense, which is an advertisement network of Google. 

However, if your Youtube channel is not eligible for AdSense, you will not yield any profit since there will be no ads in your videos. So, you need to apply in AdSense to get paid.


Google AdSense is a program that allows creators to make money from advertisements on their Youtube videos. To be eligible for this, you must meet certain benchmarks which are at least 1000 subscribers and 4,000 public watch hours.

When someone clicks on an ad, the amount of money you earn varies according to several factors. Some of these are the numbers and types of ads, and country location. If the ad is skippable, the viewer must watch it all the way through or for at least 30 seconds for you to earn.


Advertisers usually have two ways of paying, these are CPM and CPC. 

Cost Per Mille stands for CPM, where mille is a Latin word for a thousand. In this case, the rate of payment is based on the cost per 1000 monetized views or impressions. The most important factor in determining a YouTuber’s CPM is their audience, and one with a larger, more engaged audience will typically earn a higher YouTube CPM.

On an average basis, creators earn $1-10 for every 1,000 views or $0.01-0.10 per view. Despite this, Google receives 45 percent of what advertisers pay, leaving YouTube producers with 55 percent.


On the other hand, CPC is an acronym for Cost per Click, which is a more traditional way of charging for advertising. The advertiser usually has a budget for a campaign online.

The charge of money is according to the average amount they pay for a click on ads in your video. If you reach 1000 clicks for a thousand dollars. Then, your assumed average CPC is $1. Still, it varies depending on the network and industry. 

The Answers to How Much Does Youtube Pay Per View are Your Guide

While it is difficult to get a more direct answer to the question “how much does YouTube pay per view”, it is safe to say that it is significantly less than what many people expect.

Advertisers pay based on how many people watch their ads. This makes it important for YouTube content creators to focus on building an engaged audience, rather than chasing after views.

Now, you might be more enlightened. What are you waiting for? Follow a Youtube guide, build a community and earn money!

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