How The Right Equipment Can Provide Comfort to Patients

How The Right Equipment Can Provide Comfort to Patients

In 2019, 21.7% of adults had one or more emergency department visits in the past year. Several of these patients had to stay in the hospital overnight. 

Physicians refer to overnight hospital care as “inpatient care.” There are many benefits associated with this practice. However, there can also be some challenges for overnight patients. 

One of the greatest challenges is the need to provide comfort to patients during their stay. Overnight patients often require significant amounts of bedrest and sleep as they recover from illnesses and operations.

Fortunately, technological advances in medical equipment can help maintain patient comfort. Discover how some of these advances can improve patient comfort in this guide!

Better Beds Provide Comfort to Patients

When people think of patient comfort, hospital beds are the first hospital equipment items that come to mind. Hospital beds can provide several benefits for inpatient treatment. These beds can:

  • relieve pressure
  • boost circulation
  • improve safety
  • increase caregiver access
  • facilitate patient transfers

New hospital innovations allow these beds to perform better and provide more comfort. Some of these developments include therapeutic mattresses for critical care patients. 

Bedframes have also become more innovative. They include the new height and material options that can make them more comfortable for patients. 

Quiet Gears for Medical Equipment

Medical tests can often cause significant stress for patients. They don’t know what results to expect from these tests. 

Unfortunately, this anxiety doesn’t stop with the test procedure itself. Problems like loud gears can make people even more nervous about the test. Motion chatter can also move imaging equipment that produces fuzzy images that can hinder diagnostic devices. 

Quiet gears can mitigate these issues. Patients may trust a machine more when it doesn’t produce loud, harsh sounds. 

Quiet gears can reduce noise and absorb shock and vibration in many devices. They can also improve your imaging equipment performance to enhance diagnostic images. 

Use the Best Lighting In Hospital Rooms

Lighting plays an essential role in patient comfort. There are a few ways that this can work. 

First, lighting can also help a patient’s mood. Adequate lighting can improve your mood and energy levels. Similarly, poor lighting can contribute to depression and other deficiencies in the body.

Lighting can also improve the your circadian rhythms. Researchers recommend imitating natural daylight cycles by providing bright lights in the morning. Likewise, hospitals should use dimmer lights at night to help people fall asleep. 

Finally, consider your lighting “temperature” for patients. Warm lighting helps people feel more relaxed. In contrast, cold lighting can make people more alert and stimulated. 

Find the Best Hospital Equipment Today

Each of these innovations can provide comfort to patients. So, survey your hospital to see what equipment you can improve. 

Do you need more comfortable beds? Is your lighting too harsh for your patients and affecting their sleep? 

Questions like these can help you decide how to improve your inpatient care. So, start your search today!

If you want more health information, check out our other content! We have several pieces that trace the latest developments in medical care. 

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