How to Choose the Best Jewelry for Any Outfit

How to Choose the Best Jewelry for Any Outfit

The U.S. jewelry market is expected to be worth $61.868 billion in revenue by 2026. Jewelry is timeless and will always be in style, which is why its market will never stop growing.

If you’re struggling to find the best jewelry to pair with any outfit, you’re not alone. It can seem intimidating to know where to start, as there are so many different types and styles of jewelry.

Yet, it’s not as complicated as it seems, and we’re here to help. Keep reading to learn all you need to know.

Match the Occasion

When considering what jewelry to wear, you should first consider the occasion. A fancy work event will require more elaborate pieces, while a more casual event allows you to play with simpler, dressed-down accessories.

When you match your jewelry to the occasion you’re attending, it makes it much easier to see what you’re working with. You’ll already have specific jewelry pieces to choose from.

For everyday wear, it gets a bit more complicated and a lot more fun. This is when you get to play around with your new jewelry and outfits.

Choose Your Focal Piece

To make your outfit feel wholly planned out, choose a focal piece and match the rest of your jewelry around it.

If you choose too many bold jewelry pieces, your outfit may look a bit tacky. Instead, choose only one or two bold accessories and keep the rest of your jewelry simple.

Make a bold necklace your focal piece with stud earrings and a few simple rings. Or, if you want two focal pieces, make sure to spread them out.

For example, if you want bold earrings, your second focal piece should be a bracelet or a chunky ring, like this gold butterfly ring.

Keeping them too close together, like having both bold earrings and a bold necklace, can make them look overwhelming instead of striking.

Complement Your Neckline

Whenever you buy jewelry, specifically when you buy necklaces, you should start to think about your neckline.

It is essential that the necklaces you wear complement the neckline of your shirt. If they don’t, they can easily end up clashing with it.

If they match the neckline type, the necklace can actually enhance the whole outfit.

Generally, your necklace should stop a few inches above your neckline. Consider the shape of the neckline and allow your jewelry to follow it.

Pair longer necklaces with necklines that are more simple and have fewer features.

Consider Print Shapes

One thing you may not consider is the print shapes on your clothes matching the shapes of your jewelry.

Of course, this only applies when wearing clothing with bold shapes, but it is something that should be considered.

When you purchase jewelry, consider the shapes that you wear most often. If you have tons of polka-dots, you’ll want to pair circular jewelry with them. If you’re more of a triangle person, you wouldn’t want to buy a bunch of square jewelry.

Pair the Best Jewelry With the Best Outfit

Finding the best jewelry to pair with any outfit is easier than you may think. The key is keeping it balanced by considering the occasion, the focal piece, the neckline, and the featured print shapes.

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