How to Choose The Best Men’s Pocket Squares?

pocket squares

When worn in your jacket’s breast pocket, a pocket square adds an elegant touch with a sliver of fabric peeking out. If you want to go from “Typical” to “Different,” all you need to do is add men’s pocket squares to your outfit.

When it comes to menswear, understanding the etiquette of the pocket square can be a bit of a minefield. To help you out, given below is a pocket square guide.

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Pocket Square For Men: When Should You Wear it?

Traditionally, guests were expected to wear a pocket square to dinner parties and other formal events. Even today, the classic smart-occasions pocket square style is still a white pocket square folded flat. Even if you’re dressing for a formal occasion, you can still play around with your ensemble and break the white men’s pocket square rule.

Is in any situation a pocket square inappropriate?

No, it doesn’t, and it won’t. Regular square wearers know that leaving the house without a square is like not having shoes.

In the end, it’s all about perspective. It’s best to stick with something that’s only a few shades lighter than your jacket’s colour and choose a flat fold or something that has just enough contrast, such as a grey textured pocket square.

Monochrome tones, such as black or grey, pair well with men’s pocket squares, while a vibrant pop of red brightens up a crisp blue suit. The puff fold is an alternative to the traditional flat fold for a more relaxed look when dressing for formal occasions.

When it comes to formal events, people prefer a plain white pocket square. Still, a square that is predominantly white with either coloured edges or a light pattern provides a conservative look that works in all business settings or light patterns.

Even though a sharply tailored suit or jacket says a lot about a man, your choice of accessories will set you apart from others. Consider the impact a simple pocket square can have on a plain jacket. An understated accent with a mustard pocket square goes well in the office, rather than a flashy colour scheme or fold style.

Matching Ties and Pocket Squares

“Is it necessary for your tie and pocket square to match?” is a common question. No, that’s not correct. Contrary to popular belief, wearing the same pocket square and tie is a fashion faux pas in today’s business world.

Instead, it serves to harmonise or contrast with the rest of your ensemble, depending on how you wear it. Despite the fact that some retailers sell matching ties and pocket squares, we suggest avoiding these sets if you want to be taken seriously.

You can match your pocket square’s colour to the primary colour in your ties if your pocket square has some sort of pattern.

Consider wearing men’s pocket squares that match your outfit’s primary colour or one that contrasts with it. If you’re wearing a subdued pinstripe or checked shirt, don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour.

Men’s Pocket Square Rules

For your convenience, refer to the following pocket square buying guide:

  • Do not overdo the patterns; instead, select a few items of clothing in solid colours to go along with your pocket square or tie.
  • Do not wear a tie and pocket square that is the same colour.
  • Decide on a folding style based on the situation. The flat fold or the one- or two-point folds are recommended for formal occasions, while the classic puff fold adds some flair to more casual affairs.
  • White pocket squares abide by the rules, which are generally nonexistent. A white pocket square can never go wrong because it goes with every jacket and tie colour and pattern combination.

How do men in Sydney fold their pocket squares the most commonly?

In Sydney, men like to wear their pocket squares in:

  • The square fold
  • The stair fold
  • The three-pointed fold
  • The triangle fold

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