How to do the Picrew Challenge: A Step By Step Guide


Picrew Challenge has become one of the trends for years and the question of How to do the Picrew Challenge continues as this trend gets more and more attention. Many digital artists are curious about this platform, how it works, and why it’s gaining too much attention online. Worry no more we got your back, read on as we teach you how to join this trend online!

What is the Picrew Challenge?

The Picrew Challenge started in the year 2020. It started when a social media personality posted a video of her edited Picrew Avatar. It gained a lot of attention since the avatars she created can be a potential character in a webtoon. The design is sophisticatedly made to fit with the trends. Due to this much exposure and millions of views taken by this work of art many more individuals got interested in online avatar creation such as Picrew.

How to do the Picrew Challenge on the desktop?

There are thousands of requests from interested individuals on how to do the Picrew Challenge. We are here to help you out creating your Picrew Avatar on your desktop with just 6 simple steps to follow.

  1. Open Picrew. The first thing you need to do is to open Picrew using your browser. Search for picrew by entering the URL on your search bar. Make sure to enter the correct URL to arrive at the correct website.
  2. Design the Personality of your Avatar. Before starting the creation process you need to design the personality of your character. The personality should be unique for every character you create.
  3. Select the gender of the Character. Choose the gender of your avatar. It is necessary, especially in the customization process. Gender plays a huge part in both design and personality of your character.
  4. Start Customizing. There are plenty of customization options that you can explore in the process of customization. Character creators won’t worry much about the tools but instead about the character creation. You need to choose the hairstyle, skin tone, appearance, clothing, and many more elements that should coincide with the character’s gender and personality.
  5. Download your design. You need to download the design you created on your device to utilize it on other tools you need to create a video to join the Picrew Challenge. You can download it either in JPEG or PNG.
  6. Create a video. You need to find a video editor that can help you on editing the short clip you need to join the trend. Easy right? That’s how simple How to do the Picrew Challenge Guide is. Start right away!

How to do the Picrew Challenge on Smartphones?

We have given you a tutorial above on how to do the Picrew Challenge on your desktop but how to do the Picrew Challenge using a Smartphone? Read thoroughly as we give you a simple step-by-step guide on creating an avatar using a smartphone.

  1. Open your browser and search for Picrew. You can use any browser available to you. Search for Picrew’s site and you’ll be taken to the homepage of the site. There are a few things you need to plan out before starting the process.
  2. Create the Personality of your Character. When creating a character you should put first the creation and customization of personality. The personality plays a huge part in the styling of own avatar maker illustrations.
  3. Decide the Gender of the Character. You need to think of the gender of your character. The gender is what makes the design unique and outstanding to other picrew creators.
  4. Start Designing. After finishing the personality and gender of your character you can make this your basis in the creation process. You can design the clothing according to the personality of the character and so as its facial features.
  5. Download your work. You can download your design in JPEG or PNG on your device. By downloading your design you can access it under circumstances that you might need it.
  6. Use a video editor. To join the Picrew Challenge you need to use a video editor that can help you incorporate your design with a background song. It’s easy, right? Read more as we give you tips about this online avatar maker.

Tips on How to do the Picrew Challenge

There are a few things to remember on accessing and using Picrew. Below are three things that you should never forget when using this platform. Many users have gone through this struggle, never forget these tips.

  • Be careful on Fake Sites. Since the site has become famous online many sites try to imitate Picrew. These sites often just want to infect users’ devices and steal their personal information. Make sure to enter the correct URL to land on the legal Picrew.
  • Create Unique Designs. Some users often don’t know about the site’s feature which enables them to draw their design. You can create unique designs with this feature and do the best you can to make the most out of Picrew.
  • Enjoy while designing. The process of designing your avatar should be done while you’re enjoying it. Creating unique designs should be done while exploring the wide world of digital art.


Picrew is a character creator game that rose in popularity during the early times of the pandemic. It is known as a Makowka character maker enjoyed by many individuals from different parts of the world. It is often compared to digital paper doll games which have layers you can customize and incorporate into one design.

How to do the Picrew Challenge is a widespread question among individuals that are up to date with the current trends. Due to the prominence of picrew avatars found online many more individuals got curious about this platform. Joining the Picrew Challenge is easy and simple. You can use any device available to you where you can visit Picrew. We already gave you tips and tutorials above on how you should get the best out of Picrew. Enjoy free character creation with Picrew!

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