How to Earn Money as an English Instructor while Travelling the World

How to Earn Money as an English Instructor while Travelling the World


Are you looking for a way to travel the world while making money? You may be considering becoming an online instructor. If you have the skills and the drive, you can combine your passion for teaching with exciting travel experiences.

If you love to travel and want to make money, becoming an English teacher online may be the perfect gig. You can work from anywhere with an internet connection and earn a good wage. 

But there are some things you should know before diving into this native speaker’s classes career and lifestyle change.

Get your TEFL certification.

The first step toward becoming an online English teacher is to get your TEFL certification. There are many TEFL certifications, but they all have the same basic requirements. In addition, a TEFL certificate will help you land jobs with reputable companies.

Find the right company.

Next, you’ll want to choose the right company. Finally, you should consider the reputation and track record of your employer. Choose a company you can trust that pays its instructors on time and in full every month. Additionally, look for a reputable company with a good reputation for paying its teachers.

Apply and be patient.

Becoming an online English instructor is applying to one or more companies. The application process varies from company to company, but it typically includes submitting your resume and cover letter, writing sample essays and questions, and answering essay prompt. 

You’ll also be asked to submit basic information about yourself, like where you live, what languages you speak, your education level, and your years of experience in the field.

Some applications will require you to create professional-looking résumés or portfolios with work samples demonstrating your teaching skills. Most companies will contact applicants only after receiving their certificates or degrees; however, some may offer interviews before certifications are complete. 

Do a trial class.

A trial class is a chance to get to know the platform and ensure it is the right fit for you. It’s also your chance to get to know the students and see if you can connect with them in a way that will allow you to be successful as an online English instructor.

If possible, try out several platforms before deciding which one(s) will work best for you.

Go through the training process.

The training process can be challenging, but it’s also rewarding. The more you learn about teaching and your students, the easier your lessons will be to write and deliver.

This is a good thing! You must put in the work required to become an online English instructor. The training process isn’t easy or quick, but if you stick with it and keep learning new things about teaching, within six months, you’ll have a solid grasp on teaching effectively online.

Teach your first live class.

  • Be prepared. If you’re nervous about teaching live classes, you can do a few things to make yourself more comfortable. 
  • First, practice speaking in front of a mirror or recording yourself so that you get used to the sounds of your voice and how it carries across the room. 
  • Second, review the materials covered in class and familiarize yourself with them as much as possible so that when students ask questions about something not covered in the lesson plan, you’ll have an answer ready for them (and feel confident). 
  • You may also want to consider taking notes on index cards or using sticky notes during your first class—this allows you to keep track of what’s being covered and gives students a way to ask follow-up questions after discussing each topic.

Working as an online English teacher is a fantastic way to travel the world and make money simultaneously. If you love to travel but don’t want to give up your job, becoming an online English instructor can help you achieve both goals. 

Online teaching gives you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, whether it’s your own home or a coffee shop across town! But, of course, you can also choose to work around your schedule—even if it means working during off-hours when most people are sleeping or relaxing with family.

Being an online English teacher can be a great source of income while traveling abroad, but it also works well when staying at home! There are many options available for teachers who wish to get paid while traveling and learn something new about themselves along the way.


Now you know everything there is to know about becoming an online English teacher. You can start your adventure by getting your TEFL certification, finding the right company, and sending in an application. Then be patient and go through the training process until it’s time for you to teach your first live class!

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