How to Stay Out of a Sugar Baby’s Friend Zone

Sugar Baby’s Friend Zone

Although there are lots of people out there who think the friend zone doesn’t really exist, any man with a tendency to wind up stuck there knows otherwise. And not only is it easier for a perfectly dateable man to wind up there in the first place than you’d think, but it’s really hard to get out once that happens. 

The best course of action is not to wind up there in the first place, which is naturally easier said than done. But there’s a huge difference between “not easy” and “impossible” when it comes to avoiding the friend zone.  Here are a few key tips to keep in mind.

Know what she’s looking for beforehand.

When it comes to sugar babies, it’s not enough just to be a great sugar daddy with plenty to offer. If you’re a bad fit for the particular sugar baby you’re interested in, there’s really nothing you’re going to be able to do to convince her otherwise. So before you make the attempt to get closer to her with the intention of sugar dating, make sure you know her standards first.

Is she a take-charge type all the way, or is she looking for sugar daddy who will take care of most of her needs for her? Are your personality, goals, hobbies, and interests actually compatible with hers? If not, you need to ask yourself what (if anything) you’re willing and able to do to become the type of guy she wants. Otherwise, you really need to keep it moving.

Be the guy women see as the catch.

There are lots of advantages to becoming the type of man women see as a catch. When you’re the catch, you have more options to choose from when it comes to who you date, and women are a lot less likely to banish you to the friend zone in the first place. Your confidence in yourself will also go through the roof, which makes you even more potentially attractive to the women you want.

So work on becoming the high-quality man you want to be and that women want to be with. Take care of yourself physically, and pay attention to how you look. Work hard to develop your financial stability, emotional maturity, intellect, social astuteness, and so forth. These are qualities every woman wants in a partner, so having as many of them as possible will drastically reduce the amount of time you spend stuck in the friend zone.

Don’t be too available.

No, we’re not saying you should play head games with women (or anyone else) and deliberately blow them off when they try to spend some time with you. We are saying that desirable men have enough going on in their lives that they don’t always have time to spend waiting by the phone for their latest crush to call or text them back.

Being readily available at a moment’s notice or being willing to drop literally everything whenever a woman contacts you makes it look like you don’t have much else going on. From there, it’s not hard for a woman to get the impression you don’t have much to offer as a partner. It also looks like you’re not making yourself the priority you should be, which isn’t attractive, either.

Be clear about your intentions.

So many men wind up stuck in the friend zone because everything about their behavior signals that they’re perfectly happy to go there and stay there indefinitely. They conceal any romantic or sexual feelings they may have toward the woman in question, thinking it will work out better in the long run if they pretend to only be interested in her friendship. Then they wonder why women ultimately only see them as friends instead of potential lovers.

If you wouldn’t be happy simply being her friend, then don’t act like her friend. Let her know you’re interested in some way that’s impossible to mistake. Ask her out. Seize an opportune moment to go in for a kiss if it presents itself. Use your words, and tell her in no uncertain terms that you’re interested in her. Just be clear about your intentions so there’s no room for error.

Show your fun, adventurous side.

No woman wants to be a man who simply blends into the wallpaper when he’s around. She wants to be with someone exciting, vital, and alive who makes her think, “Gosh, that was fun,” after she’s spent time with him. 

So embrace interests and pursuits that help you be that guy. Take masterclasses on topics that interest you. Do new things, explore new places, and dive into different ways to become an even more interesting, well-rounded person than you already are. Eventually you won’t be able to remember the last time you were stuck in the friend zone.

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