Some Different Things To Do On Your Birthday Other Than A Party


Everybody gets excited for his/her birthday as dear ones will make the birthday person feel special through wishes and gifts. Well, partying on birthdays is a routine process that you follow every year. How about trying something new to make your coming birthday extra special and memorable? 

We know you already love the idea! We have gathered some amazing ideas that you can try on your birthday. Ditch the usual and try something new – some special things to celebrate through on a special day!

Explore New Things

If you want to explore something new this birthday, then instead of partying, go to the places where you always wanted to go with that money. New places teach you a lot. Not only this, it gives strange peace and happiness to your mind. And this trip of yours needs to be a solo trio. Take no friends and no family members along. A solo trip will help you in so many ways that you haven’t expected. So what’s the delay? Just pack your bags and go on a fun-filled trip.

Try Something Adventurous

Instead of working all day this birthday, you can do some adventures. From going to the museum to the animal shelter, you can go to any place where you enjoy visiting. Apart from this, you can roam around your city to new places or go to those places in your own city where you have not been able to go due to lack of time. By the way, you can also do many types of adventure activities, from camping to bungee jumping and many other activities on your birthday.

Cut A Cake With Self

Celebrating a birthday with the chaos of noises and whistles when you cut a cake is regular. You need something to be different but excluding the cake from your birthday celebration plans is not a good thing. So, you can try buying a cake for yourself and getting it delivered through online cake delivery in Pune or wherever you live. Cut the cake with no one else but you and experience a whole different vibe of satisfaction.

Spend Quality Time With Your Family

In today’s time, due to being busy at work, the whole family does not get a chance to spend time together. In such a situation, you can spend quality time with the whole family on your birthday. Since it is your birthday, surely no family member will refuse. Everyone should meet in one place and have a lot of fun together. You cook something nice, play board games and reminisce about the good old days. If this is your family time, then it is better not to include friends in it.

Redesign Your Room

The trend of revamping home interiors is at its peak, and that’s because it does great wonders for people in making them feel relaxed and taking off the stress of daily life stress. You can also choose to redesign your home with the budget that you have planned to spend on your birthday party. From changing the placement of furniture to adding some cool new wallpapers and new types of lights, there is so much that you can do without any help from an expert.

You Can Pamper Yourself

The birthday is yours, so why not pamper yourself this time. By the way, you are busy only and only at work for the whole year. But one day, you can make yourself feel special. For this, you can go to the parlour and get many things done, from hair spa to pedicure. It may cost you a little money, but you will feel good spending it on yourself. It is not necessary that you always party on your birthday by spending money on others. After this, spend a little on yourself too. By the way, to pamper yourself, apart from the parlour, you can also go shopping.

Plant Some Trees

We all are happy and lucky souls as we have got to experience the beauty of earth by being born here, but our advancements are now running nature, and only we have the power to stop the destruction and revamp the natural glaze. While the efforts to stop the processes are too hard to adapt, you can choose to do your bit to make the earth beautiful and green again. And there is no better day than your birthday to do it. Pick a spot near your home where you think some trees are needed, and use your birthday party budget to plant trees. You can get healthy saplings easily from the nearest nursery.

Gift Yourself A Bicycle

There is one more way of doing your bit to make the planet healthy, and that way is healthy for you too. Fall back again on bicycles. Motor vehicles create so much pollution, which is not good for the earth and for humans too. Motor vehicles have become such an integrated part of our lives that we use them even for covering very short distances. By gifting yourself a bicycle on your birthday, you can choose to lessen your contribution to pollution. And using bicycles often will also keep you healthy.

A Day Off From Your Phone

Do you know what the biggest invention that is both a solution and a problem is? Smartphones! The kind of comfort and help that phones prove to be is equally challenged by the negative effects on it in our lives. Since when people have started using smartphones for entertainment purposes, the problem has started. Getting addicted to a smartphone is bad for physical and mental health. In order to celebrate your birthday a little differently, you can decide to take a day off from your phone. For many, it won’t be feasible to do that on the birthday itself and so the day after the birthday can be chosen. 

Bake Your Own Cake

From your first birthday to your previous one, you have had a cake baked by a professional baker. But as we are suggesting some different ways to celebrate your birthday, choosing to bake you one birthday cake sounds like a good idea. There are recipes which are quite easy to make, and some of them don’t even need an oven. What level of cake you want to bake depends on your interest in things like baking. Try a good recipe to make a big cake, if you can, and treat your friends with a cake baked by a chef hidden inside you. Or you can download the app for cake delivery.

Take Your Parents On A Trip

You sure have been planning and executing travel plans with your friends and colleagues, which is really good. But when was the last time you made plans to take your parents on a trip to explore a new place? The occasion – your birthday, provides you with a great chance to plan a trip with your parents. Doing this will make them happy, and you will feel proud. You need to find a place where you can take your parents without much hassle and a palace that is completely new to them. Planning a trip to high mountain areas won’t be a good idea until or unless your parents are totally healthy.

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