How to Make a Happy Birthday Video Online for Free

Make a Happy Birthday Video Online

Birthdays are another name for happiness and pleasure. No matter which birthday you’re gonna celebrate, it will always bring an ocean of cheerfulness to you. If you are thinking of celebrating the birthday of your kid, partner, or any family birthday then there are lots of things that you are planning in your mind. 

The first thing which you must think about is the gift of a birthday person but it’s a very rare event when you think about making a birthday video of the whole celebration. It could be a wonderful video and animation is the best choice for you. You can learn more to have additional knowledge in this regard. 

Best Way To Make A Happy Birthday Video

Doratoon is no doubt a very reasonable and reliable way of creating a birthday video and the main reason for this preference is the number of features and templates that are offered by this amazing tool. 

The creation of a birthday video can be done normally but with the use of Doratoon, the same video can be made more eye-catching. It consists of lots of templates and effects that bring life to a video and add special effects to it. 

Moreover, if you want to make a birthday video of your kid then Doratoon provides you with an amazing interface to add animation to the video. You are allowed to do several kinds of editing in the video. 

Like, you can add different cartoon characters, add different clips to the video, add pictures and also enable you to add a birthday sound in the background of the video. Not only the sound but you can also add your own voice to the video simply by clicking some buttons.

You can also add your own pictures with your partner in the birthday video of your partner to show love and affection. Hence, there will be no exaggeration in saying that Doratoon has always played a vital role in every field and can still help users create all types of video easily.

Doratoon Guidelines To Make A  Birthday Video

As we know making a birthday video is not a difficult task because we just have to capture the important events and memories but if you are trying to make that video more appealing by using Doratoon then a few additional steps are required. These steps are given below:

Step 1:

Go to the main website of Doratoon on any desired browser. Select the signup button to sign in to the website and this sign-up will require your email address and a strong password. 

Step 2:

After signing up, the workbench tab will be seen on the screen. Tap on the ‘Workbench’ button and then select the purpose of using Doratoon.

Step 3:

Select the ‘Create’ button to make a Birthday video using special templates and effects. 

Step 4:

After editing, you can save the resultant video on your device by clicking the export button available on the screen.

How To Use Doratoon To Make Birthday More Special

Doratoon doesn’t only help users to create a simple birthday video but it allows them to do wonderful editing in the video. Let us have a glance at the ideas that can increase the appearance of the birthday using Doratoon:

  • The most initial thing of any birthday party is the invitation sent to the guest. You can make the invitation more powerful and appealing by using Doratoon. 

For this purpose, you can make a small animation video in which you are inviting guests to the birthday party of your kid or partner, etc.

  • If you are celebrating your child’s birthday then you can play a complete series of pictures of your kid from his birthday to now and this will absolutely look amazing. 
  • As we know children are more likely to be attracted to cartoon characters hence we can use Doratoon to add cartoon characters to their birthday videos.
  • Not only the video of the event but you can also add videos of your family members who can’t attend the birthday party and in this way you can bring a charming look to the video.
  • Doratoon allows you to play a series of clips by adjusting the time limit. For instance, firstly you can add some pictures of your birthday kid, the video of the whole celebration and then the opening of the gift. 

Features of Doratoon:

Doratoon is itself an animation tool that is having so much popularity and demand among users because of its features provided by it. Given are some of the features of Doratoon that are grabbing users’ attention toward itself:

  • Templates

Doratoon offers several templates for birthday videos to enhance their appearance.

  • Text to speech

It also allows users to convert text into speech by using artificial intelligence technology. This feature brings a new change to the video by adding audio consisting of desired words. 

  • Budget-friendly

Just like other popular applications, Doratoon is also considered a budget-friendly tool because of allowing users to do all types of work without consuming much money. 

  • Fast

Every user demands such a tool that is fast so that their time remains saved. Hence, Doratoon users are very lucky to have such an application that works fast without wasting time.

  • Background music

It allows users to add music at the back of the video. For example, you can add a birthday song in the background of your kid’s birthday video and a romantic song in the background of your partner’s birthday video.

Ending Remarks

The creation of a birthday video is now common but if you are in search of some new and advanced ideas to create that video more appealing and attractive then you are exactly on that platform. 

You will be allowed to create a charming birthday video using an efficient tool named Doratoon. This tool has never failed to provide ease to the users in any field of life. You can add all types of animation to the birthday video and can enhance its appearance in seconds. 

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