Top 3 Safety Benefits of A Red Exit Sign

Benefits of Red Exit Sign

The main reason why all buildings should have a red exit sign is that these signs allow people inside the facility to find a quick and safe exit in case of an emergency and power outage.

Importance of a Red Exit Sign

These signs are an integral part of any structure, here is why!

1- The Way Out

A red exit sign shows the word EXIT written in bold letters. It is always so loud that anyone can read it from a distance. Besides text, the arrow sign indicates the direction to head for a safe exit. These emergency exit signs are usually lit with built-in LED lights to provide employees and customers, etc., with a convenient escape from the danger.

2- The Motivation to Escape the Ongoing Danger

The significance of the red color in the emergency exit signs is vast. That is why most of the signs you come across are red. This color has been in for decades now. The main reason for using this color is that it symbolizes danger, difficulty, and trouble. When you look at it, your brain reacts the same way; it reacts to trouble.

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The psychology behind red exit signs is that people will feel more hurried and motivated to rush out of the danger area. Another factor is that the red color can be seen easily, even through fog and darkness.

3- To Assist People in Danger

The human brain stops functioning properly in case of panic. People cannot understand the situation, process it, and come up with a solution while staying calm and neutral. For example, when a fire explodes, people are likely to scream and start running haphazardly, even if the exit is a few steps away from them.

Thus, red exit signs assist people when they are out of their senses. It keeps control over the situation and minimizes harm. It is so powerful that people inside the building at threat can make it out of the danger zone without causing wrecks havoc.

Where to Buy the Best Red Exit Sign From?

Choosing one such store that offers durable and high-quality red exit signs might seem challenging. Compromising on the quality is a big no when the matter involves the protection and safety of precious human lives.

Lepro is that store where you get quality and durability in safety exit signs. This leading LED providing company offers the red exit sign in two models (86001 and 86002). Both the signs are appropriate enough for schools, hospitals, malls, offices, etc.

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The 120/277 VAC input and long battery life of exit signs are two of the many reasons why you should be buying from them. They offer responsive customer service, on-time delivery, and products entirely with the claims.


The best red exit sign should have built-in LED lights because most emergency incidents cause power outrage. It should be easier for people to read lit signs during such a situation. Lepro has great LED light exit signs with a long battery timespan and high durability.

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