How to Style a Cowboy Hat

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Cow Boy Hat

The cowboy hat is a true American icon, with its history stretching back to the 18th century. This iconic look was largely popularized by cowboys out West, and it’s even seen in movies and TV shows about a Wild West lifestyle! With an old-school style that’s still prevalent today, this article will walk you through how to create a pair of stylish cowboy hats.

So, you’re ready to start working on your cowboy hats? This project will have you looking at the part in no time – it’ll just take a little bit of time and effort. Let’s get started!

The Cowboy Hat Pattern:

The first step to making your hats is finding a pattern. You can find pre-drawn patterns online or you can draw one out yourself using a piece of cardboard. A hat needs to be about 7.5″ tall and about 3.5″ wide to fit comfortably on your head, so it’ll be easier to find a pattern that has measurements in those ranges.

The hat pattern will be a size #1-#6, but you can adjust the measurements slightly depending on the circumference of your head. This can make the hat a little tighter (i.e., smaller) or looser (i.e., bigger). Keep in mind that this will translate to different measurements and fit on a wider range of head sizes, but you can adjust the pattern however you like.

Once you have your pattern, the next step is to make a hatband. This will be your cowboy hat’s crowning glory! You can find instructions at the end of this article for various different materials and methods required to make it. The main thing to keep in mind is that you need to keep it as simple as possible so it doesn’t look too busy.

How to Take Care of a Cowboy Hat

There are certain things that each of us wants to do for ourselves, but not so many of us have the time or room in our busy schedules. One thing you may want to consider is taking care of a cowboy hat. This article will break down the steps required for caring for your cowboy hat. and, more importantly, show you what tools and equipment you need to achieve this task.

This guide will be referring specifically to hats like those worn by cowboys in old Western films. If your hat has a snap down brim, no tools are required. The only thing you will need is a hat brush that has bristles made of nylon or soft rubber. Since the clips on some leather cowboy hats can be fragile. You will also want to use a soft cotton rag or several smaller pieces of cloth to gently clean any dirt and grease from around them.

Basic Thoroughness Is Key

The first step in caring for your cowboy hat is to give it an inspection. Any cowboy hat worth its salt has been carefully crafted. You shouldn’t be able to tell where the crown ends and the brim begins. Also, check that nothing has come loose inside the crown of your hat. Any small rocks or other debris that falls into your hat could damage it if not removed immediately.

The next step is to give your cowboy hat an overall brushing. You will want to use both the inside and outside of your bristles. As well as every inch of the crown. Be especially careful to pay attention to any small stones or pebbles that may have gotten stuck on the inside of your brim.

Brush Bottom Edge, Too

Brushing the bottom edge of your cowboy hat is essential for preserving its appearance and condition of it.

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