Is Your Netgear Orbi Blinking Purple? Here’s How to Fix It!


Since their inception, Netgear Orbi routers are catering to the internet requirements of people across the world. However, many users have complained about their Netgear Orbi blinking purple. If you’re also on the list, then we’ve got your back. In this post, you will learn various tips and tricks that will help you get rid of the Netgear Orbi purple light issue in a matter of minutes. Continue reading.

Fixed: Orbi Purple Light Issue

  1. Reboot Your Orbi

Have you ever heard about technical glitches? No? Know that technical glitches are unexpected errors that have the potential of making your router a victim of the purple light issue. If not addressed timely, they can even make your device non-performing. Thus, before you run out of time, get rid of them by rebooting your Orbi router.

In order to reboot your Netgear Orbi router, switch it off, let it rest, and switch it on back. Now, check whether the Orbi device is still blinking purple. If you are running out of luck, then have a glance at the next troubleshooting hack.

  1. Check Internet Access

See to it if you are having access to a blazing-fast internet connection. For this, try to access on an updated web browser. If you fail to reach the website, then your router not receiving proper signals from the modem. Thus, consider strengthening the connection between your WiFi devices. For this, place them close to each other. But, they shouldn’t be placed too close as it might lead to a clash of WiFi signals emitted by both devices.

In case you have established a wired connection between your Netgear Orbi router and the existing modem, check if the cable used is damage-free or not. If not, get yourself a new Ethernet cable.

  1. Change the Router’s Location

Are you sure that your Orbi router is placed at an appropriate location? No? Now, answer a few questions:

  • Is your Orbi router placed near televisions, refrigerators, cellular phones, televisions, treadmills, Bluetooth speakers, or similar devices or appliances?
  • Have you placed your Netgear Orbi router near a thick concrete wall or corner?
  • Are there any reflexive surfaces or metal objects present near your Orbi device?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need to change the location of your wireless router. However, the response to none of the aforementioned questions should be positive.

  1. Update the Firmware

Is your Orbi router operating on an updated version of the firmware? Probably not. An outdated version of your Netgear Orbi router can also force it to blink purple. Therefore consider updating our Orbi router to get the issue fixed at hand.

Here are the do-follow guidelines to update the Orbi firmware:

  • Download the firmware file of your Netgear Orbi router and save it at a convenient location on the PC.
  • Now, access on a new tab.
  • Perform Netgear Orbi login using the router’s default password and username.
  • Now, click Settings > Firmware Update.
  • Click the Manual Update tab.
  • Now, browse the firmware update file and upload it on the router’s dashboard.
  • Let your Orbi WiFi device get updated.

Quick Tip: You can also update the firmware of your router using the Orbi app.

  1. Sync Your Orbi Router and Satellite

Did you press the Sync button on your Orbi router as well as the satellite? No? Well, this is where you lagged.

So, find the Sync button on both devices and press it carefully. Wait for a couple of minutes. See if the router is still blinking purple.

  1. Perform Orbi Factory Reset

If all of your efforts have proven to be of no avail, then we recommend you erase all the customized settings from your Orbi router. To do so, you need to perform Orbi factory reset.

To reset your Orbi device, search for the Reset button on it and press it with the help of a pointed object. Now, perform Orbi router setup from scratch.

In the Nutshell

Facing the Netgear Orbi purple light issue is common these days. But, by implementing certain workarounds you will be able to get rid of the problem and bring your Netgear Orbi wireless router back to its normal state.

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