How to Trade in the Stock Market with Less Capital?

How to Trade in the Stock Market with Less Capital

In recent years, the popularity of investing and trading in the stock market has increased exponentially. People have started to move beyond traditional investment options such as fixed deposits and bonds. However, some biases like huge capital requirements still stop people from investing in the stock market.

Today with the emergence of online trading platforms and app-based platforms it has become very easy to start trading with less amount of capital. People are even using margin trading which allows trading for more than the money they have. 

If you are still thinking about how to start trading with less capital, then this article will help you.

Have a Clear Financial Goal 

What do you plan to do by investing or trading money in the stock market? You need to have some specific financial goals. You can either invest with some long-term goals like retirement planning, child education, buying a house etc. or you can start intra-day trading if you want to earn regularly from stock markets. 

The financial goals will help you to understand how much you need to have to trade in the stock market.

If you have less capital and want to take maximum advantage then you shall diversify the portfolio. You shall never invest all your stock in one bucket and try to invest in multiple sectors. 

Due to this if one sector doesn’t perform well then you won’t lose all your money. You can balance your risks and returns.

Control Your Emotions 

Due to the emergence of discount broking, it has become easy to open an online stock trading account in minutes. But the real task starts after that. Many novice traders suffer losses as they make trading decisions based on emotions. 

You may become emotional when you start trading as good returns can make you happy and losing money can panic you.

You need to remember that profit and loss are part of trading in the stock market which you cannot escape. You should remember that many investors lost huge amounts of money in stock markets due to the market crash that occurred after the lockdown. While deciding whether to buy or sell the stock, focus on facts and data rather than emotions. 

Try to hold the stocks with growth potential and sell the ones that are not fundamentally strong.

Trade Based On Your Risk Tolerance 

Before you start trading your money, you need to evaluate your risk tolerance. If your risk appetite is high then you can invest in volatile stocks. Also, you can do intraday trading to get daily income. You can also take the advantage of margin trading here. 

However, if you are risk-averse then always go for long-term investing and invest in blue-chip stocks. This is because they are from reputed companies with higher growth potential so they are quite safe to invest in. You can stay invested for the long term to gain more with less capital. 


We hope this article helped you understand how you can start trading in the stock with less capital. You shall not wait much now. Open the online stock trading account and start trading. Understand your risk tolerance before trading in the stock market.

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