How to Use A Needle Holder

Needle Holder

Did you know that there are well over 20 million employees working within the healthcare industry?

If you’ve started a career in this field, then it’s worth learning as much as you can. That way, you can stand out from the crowd and prove that you’re one of the most promising professionals available. One tool that can sometimes throw professionals for a loop is known as the Mayo-Hegar needle holder.

Are you worried about using it in the correct manner? Keep reading to learn all about how to use a needle holder.

Choose Correct Needle Holders for the Job

Before you even think about picking up a needle holder, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the different types that are available. Choosing the wrong type can end up sabotaging the procedure.

For instance, the Olsen-Hegar needle holder has scissor blades that allow the user to cut and tie in one fell swoop. You should stick to suture sizes that are no larger than 3/0. Medium-sized needles are perfect for this holder as well.

The Castroviejo needle holder is yet another possibility. This type is best for suturing anastomoses and can come in various lengths. Since this needle holder is designed for microsurgery, you can expect the tip to be especially fine.

Are you wondering what else is available?

Arrugas needle holders are the perfect tool for the job when it comes to holding suturing needles steady during a range of surgical procedures. The handle has some serration so that you won’t ever worry about losing your grip. Depending on the procedure, you’re doing, you can go with a straight Arrguas needle holder or a curved one.

How to Use the Webster Needle Holder and Others

Whether you’re using a Webster needle holder, a Castroviejo needle holder, or something else, it’s important to hold the tool using your thumb and your ring finger. This can give you the most accurate grip possible. Be sure to use your dominant hand.

Don’t forget that the pattern in the needle holder’s jaws should be large or small enough to accommodate the size of the needle you’re working with. Without the right grip, you could lose your hold on the needle.

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Are You Ready to Use a Needle Holder?

Now that you’ve learned how to use a needle holder, you can treat your patients with the utmost confidence. They’ll surely appreciate your skills and attention to detail.

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