How to use Twitter downloaders to download Twitter GIFs

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You are using Twitter and you find more gifs on Twitter than anywhere else. Twitter has an entire GIF search engine that makes it easy to find the right GIF to send with easy suggestions like “Agree,” “Applause,” and more.

Every day when surfing Twitter you can come across millions of gif images. Unfortunately, however, keeping those Twitter GIFs on your computer or phone is a big challenge for most users. You can easily share it with your friends on other platforms, but it is completely impossible to download to use whenever needed.

Why has Twitter made it so difficult to download and save GIFs for offline use? Want to be able to download GIF images quickly and easily? You will find the answer in this article. We’ll show you how to effectively use a Twitter downloader.

Download Twitter GIFs on your computer with Twitter downloader

The easiest way to save Twitter GIFs on your PC is to use Twitter downloader online. Among them, is the most useful and effective tool that we would like to recommend to you.

  • First, open your PC and open the tweet containing the GIF you want to copy.
  • Right-click on the GIF. You will see an option to copy the gif address.
  • Click on “Copy GIF link”.
  • Open a new tab.
  • Go to Twitter downloader online – SnapTwitter
  • Paste the copied Twitter GIF link into the Paste video URL from the Twitter box.
  • Next, click on “Download” next to it.
  • You’ll see a page with your GIF as a video. Now you just need to select “Download Video (gif)”.

After that when you post the GIF to Twitter it will switch back to the GIF format combination of Twitter, like any public animated GIFs.

Additionally có a few Twitter downloaders can convert GIF Twitter include:

  • TWDownload
  • DownloadTwitterVideo
  • OnlineConverter

Save GIFs on your phone

The retention of the Twitter GIF image on the smartphone makes some people feel more complicated than downloading it to the computer, mostly due to the limits of the mobile operating system.

However, some people are completely satisfied with it because they even feel that it is a better experience when it is in the palm of their hand. 

Below we will show you two methods to download gif images to mobile devices. For these two methods, we’ll be using the Twitter app for Android, combined with some other apps to unlock GIF downloads on your device. Let’s take a look.

Solution 1: Use Twitter downloader

So far, the most natural solution is to copy only GIFs, like the methods we have described above. Copying a video address in the Twitter app isn’t difficult, and SnapTwitter is a mobile site that makes it simple to save GIFs to your phone.

  • Start by finding the GIF you want to save to your device
  • Tap the share button at the bottom, then select “Copy link”. 
  • With the link copied, open your browser and go to
  • Paste the link into the box provided and select “Download”. 
  • Finally, select “Download Video (gif)” to complete.

Solution 2: Use dedicated apps for iOS and Android

In addition to the mobile site, there are several non-Twitter downloader apps that you can install on iOS or Android to do the same thing. Applications support the ability to download and save content to your device instantly instead of having to save from a web browser.

Even so, it is safer to use the website. However, some applications have been carefully tested and approved.

  • For Android

SnapTik is a popular app. One downside of the app is the lower conversion quality, but overall it works great!

First, you only need to click the convert button once to get access to your GIF, not convert then download. Second, because it takes place in its application interface, GIFs are easier to download and store than otherwise. We’ve found that the GIFs are a bit lower quality than we’d like, but even so, it’s a solid choice.

  • Click the GIF on the linked tweet to open it in fullscreen.
  • Tap the “Share” button at the bottom
  • Select “Copy link”.
  • Access SnapTik from the Play Store.
  • Install and launch the application.
  • Paste the Twitter GIF link you copied in the 3 steps above.
  • Then click the ‘Download GIF’ button to save the copy to your smartphone.
  • For iOS

You’ll want to switch to GIFwrapped, a reliable iOS GIF search engine that also comes with the ability to convert Twitter GIFs to images like Twitter downloader.

  • Copy the link and paste it inside the GIFwrapped “Use Clipboard” feature.
  • Save the GIF to your gallery.
  • Post or share GIFs to any app using GIFwrapped’s built-in sharing feature.

Why can’t you download gif images?

Twitter GIFs use an interface that looks similar to the video platform, but they lack the playback bar at the bottom of the screen. They are not GIFs at all, but small video files that have been converted to a proprietary format by Twitter. Hence conversely, you can also convert videos to post them on Twitter.

That’s the main reason why you can’t download the gif. All non-static Twitter formats are not downloadable.

So that’s why you have to use the Twitter downloader that we have provided. While it’s not as simple as right-clicking on an image and saving it to your computer, it’s still a straightforward process. 

Note: you can also download Twitter videos using the same steps above.


GIFs are an important part of the online world and Twitter downloader helps to load faster than actual media files. 

Whether you’re using a dedicated app or you’re downloading content through Twitter downloader online or another viable online source, it’s essential to keep GIFs for future use. 

Sadly, Twitter keeps their GIFs in their video-like state, but luckily they can be converted and used with the methods in the post.

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