Pump and Dump – It All Starts with a Crypto Online Exchange 

Crypto Online Exchange

Crypto, the headline-making market, is highly volatile. Pretty much evident from what the Times reported; the latest crash of Bitcoin to $34,000, the lowest since July 2021. However, the price is moving back above by crossing $44,000 with taking the other tokens along. Therefore, before landing directly onto the fiat-to-crypto exchange, ask yourself if you are ready for the twists and turns. Cryptocurrencies have been around for thirteen years, a long time indeed, with becoming more and more popular with every passing minute. And all the investors are ready in line with dollars or euros in their hands to trade in this new money industry. Fueling these are the Crypto Buy with Credit Card. Moreover, consumers are turning their assets back into conventional money. 

Exchange Crypto to Fiat – Factors you Should not Ignore while Choosing the Platform

New to the concept? Exchange Crypto to Fiat is simply the swap where you can convert the crypto assets back into conventional currencies. There are plenty of such platforms in the market that allow this swap. The process is not as simple as writing it as the exchanges impose some restrictions like withdrawal and purchase limits. If you have not yet deposited your hard-earned funds, it is recommended that you look for the fees, reliability, and other limitations. Else, you will be stuck somewhere. Some platforms are efficient some are not, likewise some offer compensation, more security, and privacy while others may offer less. 

User-friendly Interface

The main feature to look for in any Exchange Platform for Cryptocurrency is its processing mechanism. Users are always in a hurry and avoid using sites that require more effort and are difficult to understand. There are more than 300 exchanges publicly available, as per CoinMarketCap. Not all of them are the right go-to choices. Furthermore, slow customer care, less liquidity, slow transaction speed, and complex interface make the investors land off the platform. 

Fees Charged

When you Buy & Sell Cryptocurrencies, exchanges charge fees. These are basically the commission that they earn from transactions. It can be transaction or liquidity fees. When users buy crypto with fiat they pay very fewer fees but it is not so minimal otherwise. The owners at the backend of the Crypto Online Exchange are concerned about incentivizing trades. Therefore, if you somehow escaped or paid less depositing fees, the withdrawal charges are right there waiting for you. The benefit that platforms provide is that the amount you have to pay is a flat rate rather than the percentage of assets taken out. 

Withdrawal Limitations

Moving on, withdrawal limitations may sound like a restriction but if seen the other way, it provides protection from fraudulent risks. Also keeps the security high. However, the cashouts are subject to the tax with other regulations that might apply. Withdrawals whether small or big come under the radar. 

There are more than 9000 tokens, as per CoinMarketCap, in the market up till now. They differ in application and price values. More options make Buy & Sell Cryptocurrencies more overwhelming as there are reduced chances of loss. These are the popular ones with high market capitalization values.


Bitcoin was created by a pseudonym entity in 2009. Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin is said to be the original cryptocurrency. The market capitalization value also supports this argument as it has beheld the throne since with a value of $808.5 billion. Similar to the rest of the tokens, Bitcoin is also blockchain-based. This trendsetting coin has seen a growth of about 7,600% since May 2016. Currently residing on $43,914.39.


Ethereum is both a crypto asset and a blockchain-based platform. The most favorite of developers, it has applications like smart contracts that execute automatically when the situations are favorable. Since its creation in 2016, Ethereum has seen dramatic growth from its initial price of $11 to its current value of $3,112.55. The market capitalization value of Ethereum is $371.93 billion with a recent rise of 1.20%. Ether is its native coin.

US Dollar Coin

Similar to Tether, US Dollar Coin is also a stable coin because it is backed by the US traditional currency – the dollar. Ethereum here supplies the power making the asset hold the fifth rank in the crypto market with a market cap of $51.4 billion. It can be used for global transactions. USDC is available on the majority of the Crypto Online Exchange platforms. 

Altogether Now

Cryptocurrencies are attracting all the attention by tossing more than 9000 coins in the market, each competing to its fullest. The jargon that was once used for jokes and sarcasm on Reddit or in chats has now become part of hot headlines. Furthermore, the crypto exchange to buy with fiat is the steering controller. Also, users can Buy & Sell Cryptocurrencies by taking hold of the publicly available platforms. 

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