How Yoga Can Help Your Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a male health issue that has always been shrouded in taboo or embarrassment. As a result, many men have long hidden it and suffered silently. However, times have changed, and thanks to all we know about ED today, there are many ways to address ED. 

One of the most co can be found in almost every drug store today. However, besides medications, there aremmon ways of treating ED is medication. Drugs like generic sildenafil and generic Cialis are easily accessible and have continued to improve in effectiveness as years have gone by. Brands like Cheap Viagra other options available as well. We know from research that ED can be linked to one’s health, and lifestyle changes can have a big impact. Eating healthy, mental well-being, and physical activity can go a long way toward helping overcome ED. This is where Yoga comes in. It is an ancient system of exercises, breathing techniques, and meditation, and it can go a long way toward keeping ED at bay. But before we get into how Yoga can help your ED, let us first see how exactly ED works.  

A Mind-Body Problem 

You may wonder how Yoga, mental health or other lifestyle improvements could help with ED. After all, getting an erection is a simple process of blood rushing to the muscles in your penis to make them erect. This interpretation of the process of achieving an erection is however incomplete. Multiple processes and systems in our body work to produce an erection. A problem in the function of any of these systems could cause your ED. 

Physical Causes 

ED has been associated with cardiovascular problems. Health issues such as cardiovascular diseases can significantly inhibit blood flow. This then makes it harder and harder for blood to reach the penis. Furthermore, other health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and prostate issues can also cause  ED as a side effect. Our overall physical health determines whether or not we will suffer from ED. 

Our general lifestyle contributes to how healthy we are. An individual who remains mostly sedentary and indulges heavily in unhealthy foods and alcohol will eventually have to face health problems. More often than not, ED issues will accompany other health complications. 

Mental Causes 

People who suffer from mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or low self-esteem can find it harder to get an erection. This may be due to multiple reasons. We now know for a fact that mental health conditions change the chemistry of our brains. It may not always be an adjustment issue that therapy can fix. It is very much possible that the chemicals in our brains cannot communicate well enough to produce an erection. Research also shows that numerous antidepressants have also been found to lower libido, making it even harder to be sexually stimulated. 

Interpersonal Issues 

Performance anxiety is a common issue that we all face. This Stress and anxiety about performing sexually or pleasing a partner can cause ED. This then turns into a cruel cycle where an individual is experiencing the symptoms of ED due to stress which will cause him additional stress, leading to ED. 

Couples who have been together for too long can also grow apart, leading to decreased attraction and affection. Partners who may argue a lot or have multiple disagreements may also find the love in their relationship diminishing. All these relationship issues can cause ED. 

Why Yoga? 

A study published in the journal of sexual medicine found that yoga effectively improves all domains of sexual functions in men, as studied by MSQ (Male Sexual Quotient). The study was conducted on a group of mostly middle-aged men who underwent 12 weeks of yoga. Their scores regarding multiple facets of sexual functioning were recorded before and after 12 weeks of yoga. The results indicated a beneficial relationship between yoga with sexual function and ED. 

Yoga is considered an effective method of treating ED because this particular form of exercise is beneficial to the mind and the body. Let us look at how yoga helps our mind and body. 

  • Yoga is a physically taxing exercise. It can help improve blood pressure and heart rate and shed those extra pounds of fat. Yoga helps improve critical aspects of your body that boost your performance in the bedroom, i.e. cardio and body weight. 
  • Yoga is also a mental health exercise. Breathing techniques and relaxations are crucial elements of yoga. Practising these principles can result in depression and anxiety reduction. Yoga can help men in the short and long term whose ED is mainly caused by mental health problems.
  • Stress is bad for the bedroom. If your mind is focused elsewhere and not on yourself and your partner, you will face problems getting stimulated. Yoga emphasises relaxation with its rhythmic flow and deep breathing that lower stress. 

Getting Started With Yoga 

There is a range of exercises and techniques involved in Yoga, but you don’t have to do them all from the start. You should instead focus on slowly getting your body used to exercise first, especially if you have remained inactive for an extended period. 

Begin with the basics at home. Once you have gotten the hang of it, you can continue onwards by yourself or take it to the next level by joining a yoga class with an instructor. 

Here are some poses to get you started: 

Corpse Pose 

Simply lie on your back with your legs and arm apart. Keep this pose for at least five minutes while you slowly breathe in. During these five minutes, individually focus on each part of your body, starting from your feet, and relaxing them as you make your way up to your head. 

Wind-Relieving Pose

Lie flat on your back, legs outstretched. Bend one leg at the knee, draw the knee to your chest and hold it with your hands. Keep the pose for a while, and then switch legs. Keep alternating between legs every 30 seconds for a total of five minutes. 

Seated Forward Bend

Begin by sitting on the floor on a yoga mat or any blanket. Move your upper body forward without rounding your back. Aim to touch your feet. However, if you are not that flexible, you can rest them on your legs. 

This pose is perfect for those of us who spend most of our time sitting in front of a computer screen. It helps increase blood flow to the hip area. 

Seeking Medical Aid  

Any form of exercise, especially yoga, can significantly decrease your odds of developing ED. This is especially true if your current lifestyle choices are unhealthy. Taking care of your physical health becomes more important as you age. Although ED does become a common issue with age, that does not mean it cannot be avoided. The yoga advice above can help a lot, but if you still feel your ED is not going away, seek professional medical help. 

ED medications are widely and readily available, and your reflex may be to buy generic Viagra or anything similar on your own, but the right way is to first see a doctor. ED could be due to underlying health issues that may require other treatments or psychological issues needing therapy. Only a doctor can find the exact cause, and if they deem it necessary, they will prescribe you the medication. These may include Tadalafil Mylan, Levitra, Cialis Generic, Sildenafil Generic etc. 

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