Ideas for Throwing the Best Buck’s Party in Sydney


Planning an epic bucks’ party is a huge responsibility. If your friend is tying the knot soon, you need to throw a party that he remembers forever. 

Hollywood has set up high expectations for bachelor parties. However, if you are in Sydney, the perfect party might not be just a distant dream. 

On the one hand, it could be a private dinner with the boys. On the other, it could be an obnoxious cruise with loud music and a lingerie waitress. Sydney has all the options for you. 

Fasten your seatbelts for this wild ride to pick your ideal bucks’ party!

Classic Dinner

If you want to keep things low-key, an intimate dinner with close friends is a perfect plan. Sydney has a wide variety of high-end restaurants to choose from. 

You can stay classy with a 5-course meal and alcohol to go with it. If you want to thrill things up a little, you can introduce a drinking game and take turns making toasts to dial in the emotions.

It is your bud’s night! Celebrate him and give him something hearty and wholesome to remember when he looks back. 


If the groom is a perfect putter, then a golf night is just the thing for you. Otherwise, the green can still be a great starting point for your night of fun and self-indulgence. Sydney has a vast selection of golf clubs and indoor hubs with golf simulators.

You also have places that offer both a golf club and a bar experience. This will allow you to drink as you play, a great precursor to your night. 

Bonus? Call up your gang and ask them to plan their outfits! You all get to dress up super-chic for golf which is a perfect opportunity for memorable pictures. 

Gaming Night

Are you a bunch of gamers looking to do just games for the night? This city has got you covered.

Step out of your gaming rooms and into a VR space! It is the ultimate experience for any gamer. You will be given VR headsets and a rig that will immerse you into a whole new world full of danger and excitement.

On the contrary, if you prefer to stay in the real world, you have many options too. Sydney has a great line-up of entertainment parks. With both new and old school arcade games and some sensational bars, you could create a night full of nostalgia!

Cruise Night 

It is the famous choice for bucks’ parties. You are spoilt for options with this plan!

You can take a 3-hour cruise trip around Sydney Harbour. The journey is inclusive of food, drinks, and entertainment. A cruise always promises an incredible time! Afterwards, you can hit the nightclubs, usually close to where the cruise trip ends. 

If you want a more immersive water experience, you can also opt for a fishing trip with the lads.


An option catching steam over the last couple of years is a boys lock-in. 

Stock up on food and alcohol. Hire a lingerie waitress to serve the food. Invite all your best mates over. You can even have a no-phone policy. There you have it, the recipe for the craziest bucks’ night.

But make sure you abide by alcohol laws to avoid bad memories!

Summing Up

Sydney is the city for bucks’ parties! You are destined to have a good time, no matter what you plan. Take your pick from the classy to the crazy, and let the perfect night unfold!

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