Importance of Obtaining Learner Feedback for Online Courses

Online Courses

Feedback in education can be called as teachers and students giving, obtaining reviews and suggestions for better goal accomplishment. With the growing technology, online teaching platforms are increasing at a faster rate. An online course is designed for the students, this means providing students with a satisfactory learning experience should be the main aim of any online course creation and continuation. 

In this regard taking regular feedback from the course students is important. This will help educators know how effective they are at their work, and what more needs to be done to make the best e-learning course. And since online teaching is a highly competitive sector, to make one’s course the most preferred one, taking students’ suggestions can be very helpful. Let us discuss the importance of taking learner feedback in online courses. 

Importance of taking learner feedback in online courses 

  • Helps in course improvement

To research the best platform for selling online courses and make them successful, taking learners’ feedback is important. Teachers can ask students how effective they are finding the current teaching practices, are they getting a complete academic understanding of the course subjects or not. The suggestions, advice, and problems that students are facing when shared, will help online course creators to know where they are lagging and what more can be done for improvement. 

  • Serves as a source of motivation

To research for the best platform to sell courses online, and generate maximum profits, take regular feedback from the students. The positive feedback, appreciation, and satisfactory reviews received will make teachers feel confident and motivated to continue doing the good work. This makes teachers more effective and socially more connected with students to teach. 

  • Brand building and better course selling 

Another advantage of taking feedback from students is winning the trust of the target audience, making them feel valued, and earning credibility. When educators take regular feedback from the learners, they feel satisfied and valued. The positive learning experience provided makes your course the most preferred one among all. When online course creators upload the student’s positive feedback on the course website and social media accounts, it grabs the attention of the target audience and helps in better course sales. 

Stages of feedback in online courses 

  1. Survey before starting the course 

To make and design an effective online course for students, it is important to first know what students expect. Researching the students’ needs and demands is necessary to be done. For this, teachers can make a survey form and upload it on the course website. Include the main questions like 

  • What are students’ expectations from the course? 
  • How many live streams do they need every week or in total? 
  • What should be the ideal course fees? 
  • What assessment methods do students prefer? 
  • How much time can they give for the course completion? 
  1. Focus groups and class discussions once the course starts

After receiving the pre-course feedback and course launch, you should continue to take suggestions and reviews from students. For this focus group and class, discussions are beneficial. During live sessions, you can ask your learners about their learning experiences. In the case of asynchronous learning, you can send emails to take students’ feedback and make them feel valued. Include questions like 

  • Whether they are understanding the subjects well or not? 
  • Is the study material provided understandable to students? 
  • Do students want any changes or additions? 
  • How effectively do they find the current teaching practices? 
  1. Suggestions after the course completion

After completing the syllabus, the course comes to an end. To make sure that the next course you launch will generate maximum profits and you continue to grow in your teaching field, make sure to take feedback from the alumni. On the last day of the course or the day of certification, you can ask students questions like: 

  • What more do you want to be added to the academic services? 
  • What is the satisfaction level? 
  • How effectively do they find the live interactions with the teachers? 
  • Are they fine with their positive  feedback being uploaded on the course website 


With the advancements in science and technology, online teaching platforms are growing rapidly. To make one online course successful and top the priority list, taking learner feedback is important. We discussed a few benefits of it. By following the above-mentioned three stages, online educators can take regular feedback from the students for making a successful online course.

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