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Beachbody has done it again. The same company that brought us the revolutionary home workout P90X now has an even more grueling and effective home workout aptly titled ‘Insanity’. While P90X promised to get you ripped and in shape in only 90 days, Insanity promises the same in only 60. What’s more, you don’t need equipment like P90X and that means no weights, no bands, and no chin-up bars. Instead, you only need a floor (preferably with a mat) and plenty of motivation. If you think you have what it takes to get in the best shape of your life with a boot camp style workout that is quick, to the point and that will test every ounce of will you’ve got, welcome to Shaun T.’s Insanity calendar.

What Is Insanity?

Just like P90X, Insanity comes with a series of workout DVDs, a healthy eating guide, and Insanity calendar to help you keep up with your workouts and easy-to-follow instructions for following through with the complete routine. But you also get free online support tools, which include access to fitness experts and peer support to help you bring your best as you experience what Insanity is all about.

The workout DVDs are as follows:

Dig Deeper and Fit Test: This is the introduction DVD where track sensation and personal trainer Shaun T. will put your body to the test. This is the DVD that will let you see what you are truly made of, and you’ll occasionally come back to this DVD to measure your progress. (Runs 30 Minutes)

Plyometric Cardio Circuit: This DVD will have you burning fat quickly with intense interval training that includes lower-body plyometrics and cardio that will have you pouring sweat. (Runs 40 Minutes)

Cardio Recovery and Max Recovery: In this DVD, Shaun goes a little easier on you so that you can recharge enough to tackle the next round. (Runs 80 Minutes)

Pure Cardio and Abs: This DVD is non-stop cardio and it’s fairly extreme. It’s not for the faint of heart. (Runs 40 Minutes)

Cardio Abs: In this DVD, Shaun will take you through explosive cardio intervals and he’ll also introduce you to some core-strengthening techniques designed to create rock-hard abs. (Runs 20 Minutes)

Core Cardio and Balance: In this workout, Shaun T. lets you have a small break. This ends the first month. The next month is going to be tougher, so you’re going to need this energy replenishment phase. (Runs 40 Minutes)

Max Interval Circuit: In this DVD, Shaun introduces you to MAX Interval training. Get ready because this is the toughest workout yet. (Runs 60 Minutes)

Max Interval Plyo: If you’ve never pushed your legs until they beg for mercy, you’re about to experience exactly what that’s like. (Runs 55 Minutes)

Max Cardio Conditioning and Abs: Shaun T. is going to push your body to its very limits with this extreme cardio workout. Get through this and you’ll be ripped in no time. Runs (50 Minutes)

Is Insanity Worth It?

Insanity isn’t cheap, but you certainly won’t feel ripped off. That’s because Insanity is quite possibly the best home workout ever developed. Sure, many home workouts promise to get you ripped in a short amount of time. But Insanity guarantees results, and in only sixty days! But it’s not going to be easy.

Insanity is a grueling workout that will test your mental and physical capabilities. And that’ll become apparent within the first five minutes. From the moment you push play, you’ll be running, jumping, pushing, and doing all sorts of other movements, thanks to Shaun T.’s expert direction. Can you get through it? There’s only one way to find out. And remember, the results are guaranteed, so you have nothing to lose.

What Others Are Saying

Insanity has rave reviews, and for good reason. Insanity works if you follow through with it. If you go through the reviews, you’ll hear all kinds of personal experiences. Most people went through P90X first and decided to purchase Insanity to take their body and physical fitness to the next level. Most reviewers also love that there’s no equipment needed. You simply push play and bring your ‘A-game. There’s not much more to it.

You’ll also get an idea of just how tough Insanity can be. But what’s great is to read about all the pounds and inches that have been lost thanks to this innovative workout. Sure, there are the occasional bad reviews. But it’s a good bet that the bad-review-writers just couldn’t get through the workout.


Insanity may not be for everyone. But if you want to test your will, if you want to get in the best shape of your life and you want to do it as quickly as possible, Shaun T.’s Insanity is just what the doctor ordered.

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