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iTop VPN

With this article, I want to make sure that you no longer need to search for iTop VPN reviews. I want to provide you with all the helpful information about iTop VPN to know if iTop VPN really works, especially if you can use it safely on your mobile or desktop devices while browsing the internet and visiting websites.

I found no information regarding the iTop VPN scam, which prompted me to go further in making this article. This iTop VPN review is intended for anyone looking for free VPNs and more. 

What is there to know?

iTop VPN was founded in 2016 and has always created software for computers and mobile devices. It currently has over 20 million users and over 1800 servers worldwide. On its site, iTop VPN states that its mission as a technology company is to ensure a safe and enjoyable digital experience by creating software that is easy to use, secure and stable.

For iTop VPN reviews that are really useful for the readers, I have decided to analyze as many aspects as possible of this VPN. You will see what are the features, which devices are supported, and above all, the tariff plans, in addition, of course, to the free version. Among the advantages of iTop VPN, you certainly find the possibility to customize the interface, the good speed offered, security, and the kill switch, which is very exciting.

In the end, I want the iTop VPN review to be helpful for everyone in determining if iTop VPN works and might be the right choice for your needs.

Benefits of using iTop VPN

I believe it is important to remember the benefits of using iTop VPN or any other VPN service for major online activities:

Get Access to Content Freely

This vpn has a large number of servers located all over the world. It allows you to easily gain access to services that are unavailable in your country. You can directly connect to various platforms with this software, including streaming video vendors (Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer), popular game brands (PUBG, Roblox), chat tools (WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype), and social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). You can get anywhere you want with a single click.


Military-Grade Encryption

Military encryption technology makes iTop VPN one of the world’s most secure and trusted VPNs, especially when using public Wi-Fi. By encrypting Internet traffic, iTop VPN reduces the risk of all types of cybersecurity threats and assists inexperienced internet users in remaining anonymous online.

No-log Policy

Furthermore, iTop VPN has strictly adhered to the strict zero-log policy. While people use its service, it never collects personal information or account passwords, nor does it save cookies or browsing histories. All online activities are completely secure and safe.

Servers with Global Coverage

iTop VPN has 1800+ servers in over 100 countries, including Russia, Iceland, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and South Korea.

Other benefits you can get

In this iTop VPN review, a section on the features of this product could not be missing. This VPN service offers a kill switch that helps prevent unsecured access to internet connections when your traffic is not passing through an iTop VPN server. You found the Windows app to work quite well. 

Worthy of note is the extra security features of iTop VPN, which scan your pc to identify key points in the security settings giving suggestions on how to improve them.

Speed is the fundamental element of the user experience in the use of VPN services. The speed depends on the distance between the device and the VPN server, the number of users, bandwidth restrictions at the regional level, the ISP, etc. In terms of speed, iTop VPN guarantees excellent connection speed.

Rates and pricing

Let’s talk now to complete the iTop VPN price review of the various plans offered for iTop VPN users. Fortunately, iTop VPN also offers free account for you. Just download vpn for pc here, you can have 700MB data free per day. And 3 different paid plans based on the duration of the same: 1 year, 24 months, and 36 months.


In this article on iTop VPN, I not only talked about the advantages but also the disadvantages of this VPN service, basing my iTop VPN review on elements such as price, features, and benefits.

I want to recommend iTop VPN, which guarantees much more stable performance while maintaining excellent video quality, a high level of security, and protection of your data. Try it for free for 30 days, thanks to the satisfaction or money back option.

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