List of 8 Best Health Insurance Companies Online in India for 2022

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In today’s world, medical insurance policies are slowly becoming one of the essential parts of every person’s life. Without a proper health plan, a sudden accident or ailment can not only deplete your savings but can also endanger your life if you are unable to arrange the money on time. Getting a proper health insurance plan can save you from all these troubles. But selecting the right health insurance provider is not an easy job, especially when there are more than 57 insurance companies in India. And buying a health plan from the first company you see online is definitely not a wise choice. So, in this article, we will show you the right best health insurance companies online in India for 2022.

1) Navi Health Insurance:

Established in 2017, Navi Health Insurance is an online medical insurance company that offers multiple medicare plans specially modified to its customers’ needs. This company aims to make medical insurance accessible to every Indian citizen with a few clicks. Apart from health plans, this company also offers customized bike insurance, car insurance, commercial insurance, property insurance, and more. The hospital network of Navi Health Insurance has over 10,000 registered hospitals all over the country, where you can get quick cashless claim settlements. If you want to purchase one of the best health insurance in India, you can check out their medicare plans.

2) Tata AIG:

Famous for its wide range of health plans, Tata AIG is one of the largest general insurance companies in India. Formed in 2001 after joint ventures of Tata Group and American International Group (AIG), this company began its operations by selling business and personal insurance plans.

Today, Tata AIG provides some of the best health insurance plans in India, specially designed for seniors, women, families, and critical illnesses. All of its medical insurance plans have highly affordable premiums and a solid 95% claim settlement ratio.

3) AEGON Life:

AEGON Life was established in 2008 as a joint venture between Bennett, Coleman & Company, and a notable Dutch financial service provider, AEGON NV. Today, AEGON Life is one of the most awarded life and medical insurance companies in India. This company has an excellent claim settlement ratio of over 95 percent. The most prominent medicare plan offered by AEGON Life are:

  • Unit-link Health Plans
  • Surgical Cash Benefit Plan
  • iCancer Plan
  • Critical Illness Health Plans
  • Micro-insurance plans
  • Senior Citizen Health Policy

4) ICICI Lombard:

Established in 2001, ICICI Lombard is one of the largest general insurance companies in India. Founded by the joint venture of Fairfax Financial Holdings and ICICI Bank, ICICI Lombard offers one of the most flexible health plans in the country. Thanks to its adaptable medicare plans and a 99.87% claim settlement ratio, it has been crowned as the best health insurance company in India on multiple occasions. Let’s take a look at some of the best health plans offered by ICICI Lombard:

  • Aarogya Sanjeevani Policy
  • Complete Health Insurance
  • Disease Management Program
  • Health Booster
  • Personal Protect Policy

5) Niva Bupa (Formerly Max Bupa):

Niva Bupa, formerly Max Bupa, was founded in 2010 as a joint venture between the British insurance company Bupa and the Max Group. With 21 offices, over 34,000 employees, and a large hospital network, Niva Bupa is famous for settling 9 out of 10 cashless claims within 30 minutes. It also has an average 89% claim settlement ratio and offers one of the most comprehensive health insurance plans in India. Some of the best health plans offered by Niva Bupa are:

  • GoActive
  • Accident Care
  • Health Premia
  • Heart Pulse
  • Health Companion
  • HeartBeat

6) HDFC Ergo Health:

HDFC Ergo Health, India’s fourth largest private insurance company, started as a joint venture between Ergo International AG and HDFC Bank. It offers a wide range of individual and family health plans and has a claim settlement ratio of over 90 percent. In 2016, this company received the Best Customer Experience Award of the year. It has also received an “IAAA” rating from ICRA thanks to its ability to pay larger claims. Here is a list of health insurance policies offered by HDFC Ergo Health:

  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Health Medisure Classic
  • Women Health Insurance
  • Health Medisure Top-up
  • Health Suraksha Top-up

7) Future Generali:

Future Generali was established in 2007 as a joint venture between the Generali and the Future Group. It has a vast range of health insurance plans in India, and it offers flexible medicare plans via its website. Future Generali has adopted the customer-first policy that allows it to become one of the most trusted medicare companies across the country. The company actively maintains a claim settlement ratio of over 96.5 percent throughout the past five years. A few of its renowned insurance policies are:

  • Future Health Surplus
  • Health Total
  • Future Hopicash
  • Future Criticare
  • Future Vector Care

8) ManipalCigna Health Insurance:

Founded in 2014, ManipalCigna Health Insurance is one of the best online medical insurance providers in India. ManipalCigna provides a variety of different health plans for a diverse group of customers. This company is known for its flexibility and helps the policyholder get a health plan that will cater to his/her unique requirements. So, if you are looking to buy a plan that fits your whole family’s medical requirements, ManipalCigna has one of the best health insurance in India. 


Picking the right medical insurance company that will cater to your unique needs is a tough job. And it’s something you can’t do just after looking at two or three insurance providers. Visit the websites of every online insurance company and see what kind of medical insurance they are offering. Carefully read the insurance terms and check if the insurance provider agrees to give you a plan that fits you and your loved ones’ needs. You should also check the claim settlement ratio of each company, research their hospital networks, and read customer testimonies. This way, you can purchase a health insurance plan that fits you perfectly.

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