Most Interesting Casino-Themed Novels to Read

Casino-Themed Novels

You can learn more about casinos by reading novels that revolve around them. Apart from the excitement, casino-themed books provide an insight into the world of gambling. It is worth mentioning that the best Australian real money casino online are becoming more popular than traditional gaming destinations. Many prefer to join online casinos because they enable them to get to the action without the need to travel miles to play their favourite casino games.

Casino-themed novels usually feature entertaining stories, involving characters who have something to do with a casino. If you love to read exciting stories that revolve around casino games, you might want to pick up an interesting casino-centred book.

A lot of people have authored several exciting casino-themed novels. Here are five exciting books with casino-related stories that will love to read:


Comped is one of the interesting novels that centre around casinos. The story shows that high-rollers usually get comped by online casinos. These big spenders are always willing to play and show off their funds without fear. The story is a valid account of a big spender around the 80s in Atlantic City. The novel gives a report of a high roller who did not get enough electricity and the excitement of visiting a casino. The story has positive and negative sides, as VIPs can win and lose within minutes. Below are some of the notable features of this novel:

  • gorgeous women
  • fast cars
  • penthouse suites

All on Zero

All On Zero features a fascinating love story that mostly takes place at the casino. The love birds meet at the casino as they search for high-paying games that will change their fortune. The story has an exciting twist, with each character masking their feelings and emotions towards one another.

All on Zero is a love story that takes place in a casino. The book was written by Don Nielsen and Argiro Mantoglou. The two lovers met in a casino and pursued their ambition to win massively. However, they did not express their true feelings as they tried to conceal their true emotions. All on Zero is a fascinating novel you will love to read over again.

Molly’s Game

Molly’s Game is another thrilling casino-themed novel that is worth reading. The story is about a real-life story of a woman in Colorado aged 26. She plays the best high-stake pokers as she keeps developing her skills. The woman joined the underground world poker tournaments. In 2017, Molly’s Game was made into a movie.

The novel gives a detailed account of the private game Molly organised for Hollywood’s elite. Furthermore, she provides tremendous insight into poker strategy as works on her poker mental strategy and how she moved from low-limit games to high-stake ones. Molly is a star athlete who competed with business barons and rich tycoons around the world before the Federal Bureau of Investigation got attracted to her.

The Dark Side of the Felt

This is another exciting casino story based on real-life gambling. Tyler Nals wrote a fiction story. The novel is based on an actual gambling experience in a casino. The book explains the experiences of avid gamblers. The author used humour and pain to describe what players go through at the casino as they bet on high-stake games, no-limit tournaments, and hosts of others. The novel has an engaging and thrilling read.

The novel tells an uncommon casino story that most poker players do not know. The book takes you on an adventurous ride filled with incredible and exciting stories.

Bringing Down the House

Ben Mezrich writes this exciting casino-themed novel. The novel features a compelling and easy-to-follow casino story that explains the famous scams in the history of American Casinos. Bringing Down the House has an exciting plot, including scandal, high-profile spending, greed, narcotics, etc. The storyline reveals the antics of MIT students studying physics and mathematics. These players used their prowess in card counting to scam reputable casinos to the tune of millions of dollars. Penguin Books published the 320-page book.

The film, 21 Blackjack, was based on the novel’s storyline. The movie starred Kevin Spacey. It is a must-watch for movie lovers. However, many casino enthusiasts have affirmed that the film is not as detailed as the novel. As stated earlier, some remarkable features of this book:

  • Greed
  • High-profile spending
  • Scandals
  • Narcotics

Titanic Thompson: The Man Who Bet on Everything

Kevin Cook writes a fascinating novel. Titanic Thompson is an exciting novel that tells a story of a man that gambles on everything. The storyline is based on a gambler and hustler known as Alvin Clarence Thomas. He made a living through gambling, as he could bet on almost anything. He places his bet without much fear because he would have mastered the odds. According to the story, he hustled men like AI Capone, who was known to be dangerous as a mob boss.

Titanic Thompson provides an insight into the life of a gentle operator who had married several times. In addition to that, he killed five men. According to the Los Angeles Times, the character is described as a symbol of US history as Mark Twain and Babe Ruth. Once you read the book, you will understand why the character is well known among Americans. Indeed, he is a character that is not easy to forget in a hurry.


If you are an avid reader, you can delve into the exciting world of casino stories by taking up a novel that centres around gambling. Apart from the compelling read, you will be aware of some of what gamblers face at the casinos. In addition to that, you will read about their lifestyle, antics, and crimes, among others. Furthermore, our selected books feature fascinating storylines with unique characters which cannot be forgotten quickly.

It is worth mentioning that some of these novels have been adapted into a movie, allowing film lovers to enjoy intriguing casino stories more excitingly. Some of the best casino-centred books mentioned include Titanic Thompson, Bringing Down the House, Molly’s Game, All on Zero, etc.

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