The Rise of the Age of DIY Repair Enthusiasts

The Rise of the Age of DIY Repair Enthusiasts

In today’s world, a mobile phone is practically a necessity for getting around the day-to-day basics. Most people will not be able to spend a day without a cell phone in their pocket, at all times.

Keeping this impactfulness in mind, the rise in DIY (Do It Yourself) cell phone repairs has quickly taken the mantle.

Whether you plan on working as a cell phone technician, or are just gathering enough knowledge to help out your friends and family in their hour of need, getting our hands on the documentation and tools required to fix a cell phone will become the top priority for you.

You can download these documents using your mobile phone repair shop software and easily train your repair store employees as well.

Here are some of the reasons why DIY repair enthusiasts are fast becoming popular:

Save Yourself from Costly Repairs

What does a flagship phone cost these days? Anywhere between $1000 and $1500?

Buying a top-of-the-line smartphone in this day and age will cost you more than a kidney.

Plus, with companies rolling out a new model every year, keeping up with these technological advancements becomes a hurdle.

And a pretty big one to say the least.

If you manage to get your hands on a newly launched flagship phone, you’ll surely have its safety concerns at par with your own life’s.

The problem that arises with this ongoing frequency of newly launched phones is of spare parts and fixability.

Cell phone repairing becomes cost-effective when done using a DIY approach. All you need to know are the basics to work around the problem including internal components and the tools/equipment required to do so. Your repair solution software can also help you out with this. 

Anyone can DIY cell phone repairs at home and avoid taking it to a service center, which’ll charge you a lot of money.

Interestingly, most mobile phone repairing shops started when their owners got DIY repair exposure.

To start, you need to know where the fault lies – with hardware or software. Run diagnostics using a mobile phone repair shop software to determine what’s wrong.

Some hardware malfunctions are easily replaceable, like batteries, lcd panels, wifi modules etc. In such cases, all you have to do is order the relevant part online and go about the replacement process. 

You can maintain your inventory needs by using a repair solution software.

However, some hardware fixes require a degree of expertise. For example, when you try to fix the motherboard of any smartphone, make sure you know your way around it beforehand. 

Because one wrong move and the cell phone dies.

Time-efficient Approach

Many people nowadays flock to Youtube and other similar platforms in search of tutorials imparting the relevant DIY cell phone repair knowledge and techniques.

You can easily learn how to fix mobile phones using a POS software. The secret to repairing any cell phone is understanding the disassembly and then its assembly.

When you master the art of disassembling and assembling a mobile phone at home, you can now safely and conveniently fix most phones at home. As long as you have the relevant parts.

Another secret of mobile phone repairing is very simple: Clearing and Servicing. 

You can easily sort out several issues in a cell phone by simply cleaning and servicing it. In case you find a part or component as faulty, you can either re-solder the connections or replace it entirely.

All this information is easy to extract when you integrate your approach with a mobile phone repair shop software.

Select whichever solution you need to successfully complete your DIY project. This way, you don’t have to reach out to cell phone service providers to have your device fixed and avoid the time and cost associated with it.

The Right to Repair Movement

One of the first challenges the repair enthusiasts have to overcome is the legal right and coverage for any DIY project. However, due to the recent disruption in parts and overwhelming queues in repair stores, the DIY community has seeked for legal rights to access the relevant knowledge and equipment required to repair any ongoing flagship cell phone.

The movement supports the right to repair on a simple argument that once you buy a piece of technology from any manufacturer, it belongs to you and you can do anything to it as you deem fit.

The second pillar of the movement is to restrict manufacturers from extracting additional money from customers in forms of limiting the sale of exclusive parts and tools to specific repair shops, including the inhouse ones. 

These repair shops charge a very high sum to cater to the exclusivity of the repair. With DIY repairs, you can easily fix expensive and inexpensive phones from the convenience of your home and save a lot of money in the process.

Reducing e-waste & Impact on Climate Change

One of the main ideologies backing the right to repair movement includes slowing down the burgeoning e-waste dumps into our oceans. 

To find out the amount of e-waste a single repair shop can generate, use a Pos Software and calculate the environmental impact.

This dumping practice has already contaminated and damaged our oceans, for which the environmentalists are lauding these preventative steps and measures.

According to some news reports, Samsung is mulling over the use of old recycled parts for smartphone repairs. The company’s move aims to reduce the environmental impacts and provide some form of ease to customers’ wallets.

Additionally, the cell phone manufacturing giant has taken several positive strides towards achieving its environmental goals recently. These include using recycled plastic and ocean-bound waste in manufacturing of smartphone parts, as well as reusable accessories and recycled packaging.

Not all moves by manufacturing giants (Apple as well) fall under the pretext of saving the planet, or reducing the impact on climate change or even providing relief to the customers. 

Both these companies have removed the charging brick from the retail box of flagship phones. They claim that the step aims at reducing the e-waste burden, but not everyone is taking the bait and it still remains a topic of hot debate.

Still, these companies have taken some positive steps in the right direction when it comes to saving the distressed smartphone users some money.

All in all, the DIY repair enthusiasts are pushing an agenda that offers multiple benefits. From saving time and money to saving the planet, it covers everything we need for the survival of our future generations.

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