Pipe and Fittings with PTFE Lined valves

PTFE Pipe Fittings

Founded in 1907, SEMCO has been a trusted business partner to manufacturers and companies across the Midwest for more than a century. Our clients rely on us to provide them with high-quality solutions for all of their fluid and material handling requirements, as well as skilled assistance that positions them for long-term profitability.

PFA Lined valves

Pipe and fittings lined with a fluoropolymer (PTFE) are available from us in a large variety of sizes and shapes. Our central location in St. Louis makes it simple to fulfill PTFE Lined valves orders for customers in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, and other states. On top of that, we have considerable manufacturing skills, and we can alter almost any commercially available plastic-lined pipe or a similar product to address the unique issues presented by your company. Please continue reading to find out more, or call our office directly to speak with a member of our staff directly about your situation.

Applications and Their Uses

Inlined pipe and fittings, PTFE Pipe Fittings is one of the most versatile materials available. This material is chemically resistant to almost all chemicals. In addition, it can endure temperatures of up to 450°F (230°C), making it particularly well suited for handling nitric acid, oleum, nitrobenzene, and other fluids used in industrial and manufacturing operations.

When it comes to pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and other applications where performance cannot be compromised for the sake of cost savings, PTFE pipe fittings are the best choice. Contact SEMCO directly if you would like more information about the possible uses of our PTFE-lined pipe fittings.

Brands of PTFE Lined Pipe and Fittings

In addition, Resistoflex® PTFE-lined pipe and fittings are available from SEMCO, a reputable brand whose products are known for their dependability and performance. Our customers will benefit from our ability to provide them with a complete assortment of PTFE-lined pipe and fittings available in a broad range of standard and bespoke sizes and configurations due to our collaboration. Because of our long-standing partnership with Resistoflex®, we are well-versed in their products and can guarantee that you get the lined pipe and fittings you need to complete the task correctly.

  • Design Manual for Resistoflex
  • Manual for Resistoflex Field Fabrication
  • Features and Advantages of Resistoflex® PTFE Lined Pipe

Whether your applications need the handling of corrosive and hazardous chemicals, solvents, or other substances, you can rely on Resistoflex® PTFE lined pipe to provide remarkable results that are both cost-effective and long-lasting.

We must remember that failure to utilize PTFE pipe and PTFE fittings might result in corrosion of systems that transport caustic chemicals and raw materials to their final destination — such as mixing tanks and reactors — and cause them to fail prematurely. On the other hand, choosing lower-quality pipes and fittings may immediately result in harmful environmental and working conditions – not to mention breakdowns that are significantly more expensive to repair after damage to your piping system has already happened.

Resistoflex® PTFE lined pipe is widely used for various purposes, some of which are listed below.

Viability: Because of strong corrosion-resistance, the life expectancy of your pipeline is greatly extended.

Working Conditions: PTFE coated pipe helps avoid leaks and escape potentially hazardous liquids and gases, leading to unsafe working conditions.

Expense savings: By avoiding the expenditures connected with pipeline repair and maintenance, you may save money in the long term.

Maintaining Purity: Because of the PTFE pipe’s chemical and abrasion resistance, a nonstick environment is generated, which aids in the preservation of the purity of the fluids and gases that are handled.


When a standard PTFE-lined fitting or other product would not suffice, we may tailor an existing PTFE-lined fitting or other product to your exact requirements. Our sales engineers are known for their problem-solving talents, and we take great delight in them. So get in contact with us to discuss your requirements and see how we may assist you in meeting them.

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