Pressing the Gas on Greener Living: 7 Tips for More Eco-Friendly Vehicle Ownership

Eco-Friendly Vehicle Ownership

Recently, more people are becoming interested in reducing their negative impact on the Earth. Some people opt for electric cars, but not everyone has the luxury of buying a new car. Luckily, there are ways to be more eco-friendly with the vehicle that you currently own. All you need to do is make a few simple changes. 

Visit a salvage yard

Visiting a salvage yard is a great way to become more eco-friendly. Visit a pick a part yard to find car parts for your car rather than buying brand new parts. 

You can also choose to sell your car to these yards so other people can use your car parts. The idea of these salvage yards is to reduce automobile waste and allow for the repurposing of materials.

Buy eco-friendly tires

Eco-friendly tires offer low rolling resistance. Using these tires allows your car to use less energy and ultimately reduces carbon emissions from the vehicle. Reducing carbon emissions is great for the Earth.

Always get your car repaired

Putting off fixing your car can cause more carbon emissions. If your car malfunctions, it can release extra gasses and other harmful materials into the Earth’s atmosphere. Of course, the volume of emissions depends on what part of your car is malfunctioning.

Wash your car with eco-friendly soap

Using a biodegradable soap to wash your car rather than any harsh chemical-containing soaps is always better for the environment. Biodegradable soaps can break down naturally in outdoor environments through bacteria and other microorganisms. The soap should take about a few weeks to break down completely.

Recycle your old gas, oil, and antifreeze

If you have old gas, oil, or antifreeze hanging around, you should always take proper precautions to dispose of it. Don’t dump these substances down drains or dump them out in your backyard. 

These things are rather harmful to the environment. You can easily find a recycling facility in your area that will take these chemicals off your hands.

Car liquids such as oil can:

  • Take a long time to break down
  • Be toxic to the environment due to metals and chemicals within it
  • Pollute water sources, making people and animals sick

A singular oil change can contaminate around one million gallons of water if you don’t dispose of the used oil properly.

Keep your car light

If you pack up your car to the brim, you’re weighing your car down significantly. And when your vehicle is heavy, you’ll need to press your foot on the gas pedal more often to keep it going. 

The heavier your car, the more energy it will need, which leads to increased carbon emissions. Keep your car as light as possible and only put heavy objects in it if necessary.

Use your car less often

Try using your car only for necessities. Use other transportation options in tandem with your car, such as a bicycle, bus, or carpool with friends. When you use these alternative options, one less car is on the road, which reduces carbon emissions. 

You could even start walking to places more often rather than using any transportation at all. You’ll get some exercise and reduce your carbon footprint in the process.

Before you go

Becoming an eco-friendly vehicle owner can be easy. All you need to do is be a little more aware of how you can reduce your carbon footprint. 

Be mindful of the products that go in and on your car, properly dispose of chemicals, and reduce your gas usage to become a more eco-friendly vehicle owner.

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